36th European Peptide Symposium (EPS) & 12th International Peptide Symposium (IPS)

By European Peptide Society (EPS)

  • In-Person Event
  • Aug 28 - Sep 02, 2022
  • Barcelona, Cataluna Spain
  • EUR 650.00


36th European Peptide Symposium (EPS) & 12th International Peptide Symposium (IPS) is organized by the European Peptide Society (EPS) and will be held from Aug 28 - Sep 02, 2022, at Melia Sitges, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain.

Theme: "From Peptides to the World”

36EPS' scientific committee set out to create an exciting program that covers a wide range of topics, including advances in peptide structure and chemistry, bioactive and therapeutic peptides, peptide biomaterials, delivery, and nanotechnology. Additional satellite meetings and workshops are planned.
Synthetic Chemistry for Peptides, Amino Acids, and Proteins
Innovative peptide-based technologies
• Bioactive peptides (antimicrobial, cancer, metabolism, neuropeptides, vaccines, etc.)
• Delivery, targeting, and uptake of peptidide prodrugs
• Structure and conformational studies of peptides
• Peptide therapeutics and clinical application
• Proteomics and peptide bioinformatics
• Nanobiosciences catalysts, peptidide materials
•Peptide mimetics, peptoids, and peptide nucleic acids
• Peptide sugar, cholesterol, -lipid, -nucleic acid, and -drug conjugates

More details will be added as soon as information becomes available.


  • Molecular Biology

Target Audience

  • Cell Biology

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