105th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Pathology (DGP) is organized by German Society for Pathology eV Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Pathologie e V (DGP) and will be held from Jun 09 - 11, 2022 at Exhibition and Congress Center Halle Muensterland, Munster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Pathology is evolving at least as rapidly as the rest of medicine. With the almost daily deepening understanding of diseases through a wide variety of new methods, we have to face the challenge of wanting to remain globalists on the one hand and deepening our expertise on the other. How could this work better than if we intensively exchanged views on this. The main goal of the upcoming DGP annual conference is to bring us all together again at an excellently suitable conference location, after we met purely digitally until the end. And this is also the motto of the conference: Connective (tissue) pathology – what connects us!

The program will have an appropriate focus, but not exclusively, on bone and soft tissue pathology. Interdisciplinary keynote lectures will set appropriate impulses for this. New WHO classifications have been published and are to be discussed not only for bone and soft tissue tumors, but also for other organ systems such as the urogenital system, the female genitalia and thoracic tumors. Together with the radiologists, we will also discuss the assessment of the therapy response.

The topic of reference pathology will be the subject of a new format that is open to discussion and will also shed light on young people's questions in particular. After all, the increasing digitization, automation and flood of data in pathology presents us with challenges that we can only master together.

Main Topics:
• Bone and soft tissue pathology
• reference pathology
• New classifications
• Big data and artificial intelligence
• Automation in pathology
• response evaluation
• COVID-19
• Topics of all DGP working groups :
• Dermatopathology
• Gastroenteropathology
• History and ethics of pathology
• Gynecological and mammary pathology Hematopathology Heart, vascular, kidney and transplantation pathology Computer science, digital pathology and biobanking
• Child and fetal pathology Bone, joint and soft tissue pathology Head and neck pathology molecular pathology thoracic pathology uropathology cytopathology

Additional details will be provided as soon as possible.



Event Start Date
09 Jun, 2022
Event Start Date
Event End Date
11 Jun, 2022
Event End Date






Exhibition and Congress Center Halle Muensterland
Albersloher Weg 32
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