Topics in Family Medicine (Feb 12 - 21, 2021)

CME : 21 + more
Start Date :  Feb 12, 2021End Date :  Feb 21, 2021

Location :  Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Organized by :   Continuing Education, Inc.

Specialties :   Family Medicine

Fees Fee :   USD 1,095

Conference Summary

Topics in Family Medicine is organized by Continuing Education, Inc and will be held from Feb 12 - 21, 2021 at Celebrity Solstice, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Target Audience:
Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners

• 21 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™
• 21 ACPE Credits
• 21.0 Contact Hours
• 7 Hours of Pharmacology for NPs

Program Purpose:
Each of the lectures is focused on:
• Improving patient safety and optimizing outcomes,
• Utilizing evidence-based medicine, and
• Providing cost-effective care.

Common threads in each of these areas are:
• Importance of teamwork and communication,
• Including multi-specialty and multi-disciplinary management. The successful incorporation of effective computer systems is vital, both for knowledge acquisition, patient management, and medical record keeping, in achieving superior outcomes, both for individual patients, but also for successful teams working together.
• Decreased use and more appropriate use of opioid pain medications
• Decreased use of medications in the elderly from the Beer's list (Do not use list)
• Patient safety advice for elderly
• Improvement in effective pre-travel evaluation and advice for international travelers
• Use of evidence for preventive care strategies

Self-awareness and team attention to the integration of many options for patients is the hallmark of continuity in the specialty of Family Medicine. In this age of increasing attention to outcomes, it behooves all of us to use our knowledge to work closely with colleagues and staff, using professionalism in communication, for the best team approach. Placing patient needs above self-interest is paramount to the best care while enjoying a life outside of medicine.

Staying up to date with current knowledge of diagnosis, treatment, and management requires diligence in maintaining a topical approach to common situations. This series of lectures is tailored not only to educate and update with the best medical evidence available but to also present an appropriate approach to cost-effective care. Stimulating thoughtful comments and questions regarding shared or unique experiences will engage the attendees in team and self-improvement concepts.

• Optimizing Results through Teamwork
   ○ Apply the characteristics of successful teams and tools to build teamwork and improve outcomes
   ○ Describe how teamwork can improve chronic disease metrics
   ○ List and explain stages of team formation
• Preparing Your Patients for a Successful Transition to their Golden Years
   ○ Improve the wellness of the elder patients seen
   ○ Address preventive measures for elder patients
   ○ Provide appropriate medication management for the elderly
   ○ Improve communication strategies in discussing advance directives with patients
• Medical Error Reduction: Optimizing Outcomes and Patient Safety
   ○ Discuss types of medical errors that can result in increased morbidity and mortality
   ○ Minimize potential cognitive error risks to result in improved outcomes and patient safety
   ○ Explain how diagnosis momentum can result in medical errors
• Travel Medicine: Prevention Goes International
   ○  Discuss the scope of US travelers abroad
   ○ Assess appropriately the medical risk to the traveler
   ○ List commonly needed Immunizations for travelers
   ○ Implement helpful travel preventative treatments
   ○ Utilize travel medicine-related website resources
• Optimizing Patient Safety - Appropriate Opioid Prescribing
   ○ Appropriately evaluate a patient for Chronic Pain
   ○ Utilize general guidelines for prescribing Controlled Substances / Opioids, including the new CDC guidelines
   ○ Implement the use of multiple modalities in managing chronic pain
   ○ Explain the added risks when prescribing opioids in excess of 100 mg/day Morphine Milligram Equivalent (MME)
   ○ Implement strategies to improve patient safety and compliance with guidelines in prescribing opioids and other Controlled Substances
• Preventive Care - Knowledge Self-Assessment
   ○ Vaccination details change which makes it challenging for physicians to keep up to date
   ○ Physicians often fail to implement the US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) screening guidelines/changes
   ○ Flu vaccine implementation continues to fall below desired levels
• Is there a Doctor Onboard: In-flight Medical Emergencies
   ○ Physicians are unaware of the equipment available to handle in-flight medical emergencies
   ○ Some physicians are reluctant to respond to in-flight medical emergencies due to knowledge, legal, and other concerns
   ○ Physicians are often unaware of ground-based medical support in developing treatment plans for in-flight medical emergencies
• Exercise for the pregnant patient
   ○ Propose appropriate exercise for the individual pregnant patient
• Medicine on the go
   ○ Identify potential issues, analyze the situation, develop a plan through discussion of presentation and attendee experiences
• Thyroid evaluation and treatment
   ○ Confidently devise evaluation and treatment plan for the abnormal thyroid
• Marine bites from the sea
   ○ Conclude the best treatment based on knowledge of the marine life inflicting the injury
• Selected recommendations from the USPSTF
   ○ Translate the evidence-based recommendations for a population into an individual plan
• Common bowel complaints
   ○ Recognize, diagnose and provide patient with appropriate management plan
• Concussion concerns continue
   ○ Utilize on and off-field knowledge of injury with modalities for further treatment
• Athlete heart concerns
   ○ Evaluation of potential cardiac issues. What when and how.

✔Chronic Pain Management
  Chronic Pain Management
✔Medical Error Prevention
  Medical Error Prevention
✔Medical Errors
  Medical Errors
✔Opioid Prescribing
  Opioid Prescribing
✔Opioids Prescribing
  Opioids Prescribing
✔Pain Management
  Pain Management
✔Patient safety
  Patient safety
✔Pharmacology education
  Pharmacology education
✔Prescribing of controlled substances
  Prescribing of controlled substances
✔Prescribing of Opioids
  Prescribing of Opioids
✔Risk Assessment
  Risk Assessment
Credit Info

  • CME : 21
  • Contact Hours : 21
  • Hours : 7
  • Credits : 21
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