Body Contouring Injectables & Adjunct Procedures (Level V) - Chicago (Jun 20, 2021)

Start Date :  Jun 20, 2021End Date :  Jun 20, 2021

Location :  Chicago, Illinois United States of America

Organized by :   Empire Medical Training (EMT), Inc

Specialties :   Plastic Surgery

Fees Fee :   Starting From USD 1,499

Conference Summary

Body Contouring Injectables & Adjunct Procedures (Level V) is organized by Empire Medical Training (EMT), Inc and will be held on Jun 20, 2021, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

Appropriate preparation of products such as dilute and hyper-dilute RadiesseTM (calcium hydroxylapetite) and SculptraTM (poly L-lactic acid) WII be presented including the various protocols, guidelines, and patient indications who would benefit from these treatments including:
• Sagging Knee Indications (Knee ift)
• Elbow Lift
• Butt-lift Procedures
• Neck Tightening Procedures
• Upper Arm Laxity
• Cellulite Indications (Stages I-III)
• Other specific Body Part Areas (i.e. Buttock Lift, abdomen)

upon completion of this program, attendees will have a thorough understanding of the following concepts:
• Acquire the necessary knowledge to identify potential patients who would substantially benefit from these therapies.
• Discuss appropriate patient selection and learn how to set realistic expectation of treatment outcome for body contouring treatments
• Learn appropriate preparation (dilution, combination) of injectable bio-stimulant fillers for body treatments and adjunctive treatments (combination therapies) to optimize body contouring results.
• Gain a full understanding of how to use microcannula injections to administer bio-stimulants, including dilution schedules for hyper-dilute RadiesseTM as well as SculptraTM.
• Understand the placement of PDO threads (monofilament and barbed/molded) for smoothing and lifting problem body areas.
• Learn how to combine PRP or PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) with PDO threads to optimize body contouring treatment results for a variety of patient indications.
• Learn how to use PDO threads, RadiesseTM and SculptraTM with microcannula to treat cellulite including as an adjunct to conventional treatment methods.
• Discuss the latest device technology for body contouring (radiofrequency, high frequency ultrasound (HIFU), and high intensity electromagnetic therapy).
• Review anatomy and pertinent anatomical considerations for most commonly requested body treatment areas as well as the pre-procedure and post procedure instructions as well as treatment protocols for optimal results.
• Learn management techniques for complications, adverse results, and suboptimal outcomes of body contouring procedures.
• Acquire the necessary product information, pricing and packaging strategies, and overall marketing requirements and limitations associated with the procedure.
• Discuss specific marketing techniques to position yourself as the leader in body contouring services within your individual market area

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