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4th Annual Digi-Tech Pharma & AI 2021

Start Date :  Mar 22 - 2021 End Date :  Mar 23 - 2021

Location :  London, England United Kingdom

Organized by :   Corvus Global Events (CGE)

Specialities :   Healthcare Technology, Pharmacy and Medicine

Conference Summary

4th Annual Digi-Tech Pharma & AI 2021 is organized by Corvus Global Events (CGE). This Onsite medical conference will be held from Mar 22 - 23, 2021 at Hilton London Kensington, London, England, United Kingdom.

Who Should Attend the Conference:
This event is planned for senior-level attendees from various companies along with the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, biopharmaceutical, CRO’s, Diagnostics, solution provider, and government institutions.

Attendees include Chief Data Officer, VPs, GMs, Directors, Heads, and Managers of
• Drug Delivery Innovation
• R&D IT
• Big Data Solutions
• AI/ Machine Learning
• Cognitive Computing
• Digital innovative strategic planning
• Regulatory and pharmacovigilance
• IT Strategy
• Real-World Data
• Real-World Evidence
• Data Management & Analytics
• Data Science
• Clinical trials and data management
• Translational informatics
• Data storage and analysis
• Enterprise Architecture
• Information Systems
• Contract outsourcing service providers
• Digital Health
• Genomics
• Healthcare IT
• Multi-channel Management

The 4th Annual Digi-Tech Pharma & AI conference joins with it even more interactive sessions, expert speakers, senior professionals, and decision-makers from leading pharma, biotech, and healthcare industry. Join the decision-makers, benchmark, and hear from real-life use evidence to stimulate organizational change and to know the new cutting-edge technologies and practical solutions. In this 4th edition, as we examine the novel technologies and progress reforming the pharmaceutical industry, we also dive deep into the implementation and advances in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, informatics, and data science which has redefined the development of new drugs, tackle diseases, improving healthcare and much more.

The improvements in data management and data integration are implementing improvements to both the speed and quality of drug discovery and several other clinical trial processes. To be in the forefront, a need for partnership and collaboration with a healthcare provider is a necessity for the pharmaceutical companies, and these partnerships will also begin to bring massive advances in R&D using artificial intelligence in genomics and precision medicine to develop a deep understanding of the root causes of diseases.

The blend of AI, big data, and IoT technologies are generating modern innovations, also other eminent technologies like cloud computing augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain is being utilized extensively in the Pharmaceutical industry’s digital transformation.

It provides us a great pleasure to welcoming you to this international pharmaceutical technology conference 4th Annual Digi-Tech Pharma & AI 2021.

Key Highlights:
Reimagining Pharma by Integrating Science and Technology:

• Digital Technology trends in Pharma and Bio-Tech industry
• Adopting AI and Machine Learning to unlock the full potential of Pharma
• How pharma can integrate into the digital health environment
• Collaborative Innovation: Finding the right partners to leverage new technologies in Pharma
• patient-centered Drug Discovery

Digital Discovery and Clinical Trials: 
• Applying AI to the design of lead compounds for new drugs
• Algorithms and Models for drug discovery
• AI and ML for Target Identification & Validation in Drug Discovery
• Advancing Drug Discovery through quantum computing
• Genomics & Drug Discovery
• Virtual and Hybrid Clinical Trials
• R&D Use Cases

Decoding the Value of Data Science, Big Data & Informatics:
• Implementation and relevance of FAIR data principles in Pharma R&D
• Harnessing Data Science for Drug Combination Discovery
• AI and Big Data: A powerful combination of future growth
• The use of AI to make sense of clinical data
• Use of big data for precision medicine
• Multi-omics & clinical data to unlock the power of complex datasets
• Integration and Visualization of translational Medicine Data
• Data & Healthcare Analytics

Real-World Data & Real-World Evidence: 
• The Growing Importance of Real-World Data
• RWD for clinical research and drug development
• RWE and RWD to support regulatory decision making
• Real‐World Data Science to Advance Patient Care
• Managing real-world data governance

Digital Health & Future Innovations:
• Healthcare & Medical Technology
• Adoption of IoT in Pharma
• Potential of Cloud Computing in Pharma
• Impact of Digital Health in Pharma
• Digital Health strategy and Patient-centric Clinical Trials
• The convergence of Digital Therapeutics and Pharma in Digital Health
• How pharma-health collaboration works on innovating drug discovery & patient experience
• Blockchain and AI-based Platform

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Speaker (s)
12 Speakers
Venue Address

Hilton London Kensington
179-199 Holland Park Ave
London, England, United Kingdom


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