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Healthcare League: Healthcare Technologies & Public Health Conference 2020

Feb 24 - 26, 2020   |   Lisbon, Lisbon  Portugal
Specialties : Medicine   |   Cardiothoracic Surgery   |   Risk Management and Medical Negligence   |   Lifestyle Medicine   |   Nursing   |   Psychology   |   Endocrinology   |   Public Health   |   Pediatric Emergency Medicine   |   Neuroscience   |   Quality Management   |   Occupational Therapy   |   Optometry   |   Epidemiology   |   Wellness   |   Nanotechnology   |   Patient and Family Centered Care   |   Medical Physics   |   Internal Medicine   |   Pain Management   |   Radiation Oncology   |   Urology   |   Pathology   |   Pain Medicine   |   Sports Medicine   |   Alternative Medicine   |   Oncology   |   Cardiology   |   Psychiatry   |   Ophthalmology   |   Healthcare Technology   |   Medical Education   |   Surgical Oncology   |   Wound Care   |   Pediatric Cardiology   |   Pediatric Anesthesiology   |   Occupational Medicine   |   Pharmacy and Medicine   |   Obstetrics and Gynecology   |   Neurology
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Conference Brochure

Healthcare Technologies & Public Health Conference | February 24-26, 2020 | Lisbon, Portugal

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Yuktan Technologies Pvt. Ltd Portugal extends a sincere welcome to all the eminent Nobel Laureates, Speakers, Delegate and Healthcare Professionals, Nutritionists and Pharmacists from all around the Globe to Lisbon for attending our International Conference on Healthcare Technologies & Public Health 2020 happening during February 24-26, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The main focus of the league pointed towards “Welcoming to explore new dimensions of Healthcare, Public health & Safety and for a better future” has aimed to bring together Global leading Health-care Professional, Medical Officers, Pharmacists & Healthcare Specialists, Occupational Health Care Administrators, Healthcare Industries, Medical Researchers, Global Environmentalists, Industrialists, Health Insurance Policy Makers and Academicians, including Nobel Laureates, Delegates, Professors and others to exchange and share their experiences and research results regarding all aspects of Healthcare Technologies and Public Health.

This conference will focus on a variety of Healthcare topics includes but not limited to Women Healthcare, Occupational Health, Health Issues regarding Food safety, Diseases and Preventive Care, Paediatrics, Nanomedicines, Healthy Work Environment, Hazardous Drugs, Modern Preventive Care, Fire Safety, Workplace Violence, HIV & AIDS, Global Warming, Viral Oncology, Medical Safety Devices, Cancer & Treatment, Diabetes & Care, Agriculture & Environment Safety, Pharmaceuticals & Technologies, Pharmacology & and Future Steps & Goals towards development Healthcare and Public Safety goals through requested presentation, workshops, respective sessions includes both oral and poster sessions of spontaneous contributions.

Connect with us on these three intensive and interesting days of discussion on contemporary Healthcare Technologies and Public Health & Safety. We invite you to contribute and help to shape the conference through submissions of your research abstracts for Keynote, Oral presentation or Posters presentation.

Who Should Attend:
• Healthcare Professionals
• Doctors
• Dermatologists
• Pharmacists
• Researchers & Scientists
• Emergency & Serious Care
• Cardiologists
• Psychiatrists etc.

Why to Attend:
A great opportunity to network with your peers from academia and industry:
• Creative Speakers & Panel Discussions
• Interactive Poster Session
• Emerging Researcher Forum
• Networking & Collaboration
• Opportunity to organize Workshop/Symposium

• Global Warming and Globalization
• Healthcare Services and Technologies
• Healthcare Oncology and Treatment
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Public Health and Ergonomics
• Healthcare Pathology
• Healthcare Pediatrics
• Healthcare Nursing
• Cardiovascular Healthcare
• Immunization Healthcare
• Healthcare Psychology
• Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
• Healthcare Dermatology
• Ophthalmology Healthcare

Arnab Das
Program Manager | Healthcare League 2020

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Pellerone Monica
Pellerone Monica

Healthcare Management

Tiziana Ramaci
Tiziana Ramaci

Healthcare Management

Carolyn Yeoman
Carolyn Yeoman

Healthcare Management

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Registration Desk

Contact No. : 46 40 666 53 35

Abstraction date:
February 10, 2020


Registration Type Due Date Price
Academic Mid Term Fee 29 Jul,2019 EUR 699.00
Delegate Mid Term Fee 29 Jul,2019 EUR 649.00
Business Mid Term Fee 29 Jul,2019 EUR 799.00
Student Mid Term Fee 29 Jul,2019 EUR 549.00
Group of 3 Mid Term Fee 29 Jul,2019 EUR 1500.00
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Venue Address

SANA Malhoa Hotel
Av. Jose Malhoa 8
Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

Official Hotel

SANA Malhoa Hotel,

Av. Jose Malhoa 8,

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal 1099-089,

+351 21 006 1800

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Session Details

Session Topic Start Time End Time Location Description Speakers
Occupational Health and Safety 24 Feb 09:00 AM 24 Feb 06:00 PM SANA Malhoa Hotel, Av. José Malhoa 8, 1099-089 Occupational health is one of the major health issues that been dealing with individuals in their occupational sectors, industrial sectors, workplace environment, etc. So, now focus mainly circle around not only upon health issues but also safety at the workplaces. As it comprises of safety protocol, preventive measures, fire safety, and hygiene. Now many Organizations, Industries, Institutions are focusing upon Occupational Health and Safety protocols for a better healthy environment at working sectors and as well as their personal healthy growth. Safety administration is also one of the major parts of healthcare as it comprises all safety precautions, health administration, preventive care, first aid and safety protocols that been common encounters at industrial sectors, professional areas for the safety of their individuals. In terms of safety protocols every industry, organizations, institutions having safety administration department to encounter such health issues.
Healthcare Psychology 24 Feb 12:00 PM 24 Feb 02:30 PM SANA Malhoa Hotel, Av. José Malhoa 8, 1099-089 Psychology comprises of the study of human psychological behavior, mental health, psychiatric issues that happens due to stress and excesses workload. Within a survey, it has been shown out of 10 at least 2-3 individuals having psychological issues, stress problem, etc. So, now it has become a serious health issue in working sectors, now many organizations, industries focusing upon the mental health of their individuals and providing a better work environment for better improvement.
HIV & AIDS 25 Feb 09:00 AM 25 Feb 12:00 PM SANA Malhoa Hotel, Av. José Malhoa 8, 1099-089 HIV termed as Human Immunodeficiency Viruses that been also been termed as AIDS which is now an important topic of healthcare all around the globe as all researchers, physicians, health professionals are been focusing upon all possible outcome for better cure and treatment of this virus. Now topic HIV has been globally discussed to get know the possible outcome of treatment and cure.
Healthcare Oncology and Treatment 25 Feb 09:00 AM 25 Feb 12:00 PM SANA Malhoa Hotel, Av. José Malhoa 8, 1099-089 As we all know curing of Cancer and its treatment have been the focus for many decades so all researchers, scientists, doctors, medical professionals are all determined towards only one goal for better treatment for cancer and its symptoms. So, now the branch of Oncology has been focusing towards better health and developing better services for the treatment of cancer that will lead towards better outcome and cure for the Cancer.
Pharmaceuticals 26 Feb 09:00 AM 26 Feb 12:00 PM SANA Malhoa Hotel, Av. José Malhoa 8, 1099-089

Workshop Details

Title Start Time End Time Workshop Fee

Exhibit Details

Start Date End Date Exhibit Fee
24 Feb 09:00 AM 26 Feb 06:30 PM EUR 999.00