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Full-Arch Implant Solutions from Overdentures to Fixed Ceramics (Dec 04 - 05, 2020)

Hours : 13
Start Date :  Dec 04 - 2020 End Date :  Dec 05 - 2020

Location :  Louisville, Kentucky United States of America

Organized by :   Glidewell Laboratories

Specialities :   Dentistry

Conference Summary

Full-Arch Implant Solutions from Overdentures to Fixed Ceramics is organized by Glidewell Laboratories and will be held from Dec 04 - 05, 2020 at Glidewell International Technology Center, Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America. This course has been approved for a maximum of 13 Hours.

This course will take an in-depth look at the latest full-arch implant solutions, from overdentures to monolithic zirconia fixed implant prostheses. Dr. Patel will explore the advantages of each restorative option, review their treatment protocols, and explain the clinical considerations involved in determining the ideal solution for each patient. This course will also provide a hands-on experience with the conversion of a removable denture to a fixed provisional.

Learning Objectives:
• Describe pros and cons of removable vs. fixed implant restorations
• Provisionalize fully edentulous implant cases
• Convert overdentures to fixed restorations
• Detail advantages of newly developed implant designs in full-arch indications
• Apply digital treatment planning, and determine when to consider guided surgery
• Implement immediate extraction and implant placement for full-arch restorations
• Summarize use and clinical benefits of PMMA temporaries
• Immediately convert patient’s denture at the time of implant placement
• Describe advantages of the BruxZir® Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

Credit Info

  • Hours : 13
Venue Address

Glidewell International Technology Center
3841 Business Park Dr
Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America


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