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7th Argentine Congress of Pediatric Nutrition

Start Date :  Sep 12 - 2020 End Date :  Dec 13 - 2020

Location :  Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Argentina

Organized by :   Argentine Society of Pediatrics / Sociedad Argentina de Pediatria (SAP)

Specialities :   Pediatrics Nutrition

Conference Summary

7th Argentine Congress of Pediatric Nutrition is organized by Argentine Society of Pediatrics / Sociedad Argentina de Pediatria (SAP) and will be held from Sep 12 - Dec 13, 2020 at Hotel Panamericano Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Objectives Topics
• Delve into issues related to obesity in children and adolescents.
• Prioritize breastfeeding as always, and provide tools for a rational use of formulas when indicated.
• Update relevant topics in the treatment of diabetes in children and adolescents.
• Deepen knowledge of the use of the ketogenic diet, discussing different approaches according to the experience of different teams. 
• Reflect on food sovereignty as a right and expand knowledge on the consequences of consuming food contaminated with pesticides, ultra-processed foods
• Review new treatments in diseases with high impact on nutritional status
• Deepen the assessment and nutritional care in hospitalized patients and at home
• Discuss proposals in the prevention of complications related to access to nutritional support
• Bring together professionals involved with nutrition: nutrition specialists, pediatricians, general practitioners, nutritionists, nurses, psychologists, sociologists, food engineers, teachers, researchers to share knowledge fostering cooperation and joint work
• Hierarchize interdisciplinary work to address complex health situations

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.


Venue Address

Hotel Panamericano Buenos Aires
Carlos Pellegrini 551
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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