2019 Arizona Psychedelics Conference is organized by Entheogenic Research Awareness (ERA) and will be held from Feb 08 - 10, 2019 at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM), Tempe, Arizona, United States of America.

CE for Mental Health Professionals :
Up to 18 hours of Continuing Education hours will be available for Psychologists and other mental health professionals (exact number TBD).

Conference Description:
Join us for the first psychedelic medicine conference to be hosted in Arizona. This integrative 3-day event brings together a diverse array of experts, from physicians and researchers to herbalists and indigenous healers. With the option to choose from 3 workshops, 4 panel discussions, and presentations from 36 speakers, you will have the opportunity to learn extensively about the frontier in medicine which promises to revolutionize healthcare.Topics explored in this conference include potential therapeutic benefits and risks of psilocybin, MDMA, cannabis, ayahuasca, ibogaine, 5-meo-DMT, kambo, peyote, ketamine, san pedro, and more.

Psychedelic medicines are experiencing a renaissance of research at major US and international universities. Recent scientific research suggests that when used properly, psychedelics can be effective in treating many of the mental health conditions which most affect our society, such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

The objectives of this integrative conference are to:
• Educate healthcare practitioners and the general public about current research, therapeutic potential, historical use, and cultural significance of these substances
• Examine how these substances fit within the principles of naturopathic medicine such as treating the whole person, treating the cause, and utilizing the healing power of nature, while evaluating how these substances could be incorporated into an integrative medicine model.
• Raise awareness of social and cultural issues surrounding plants that are considered sacred by indigenous populations and are facing threat of extinction, criminalization, and exploitation. With the rising interest in psychedelic plant medicines, it is critical that topics of sustainability, cultural appropriation, and traditional usage are integrated into any conversation around these sacred plants.

About Organizer:
Entheogenic Research Awareness (ERA) is a student organization at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) dedicated to educating healthcare professionals and the general public about entheogens and their potential role in medicine by integrating knowledge of traditional uses and current research on these substances. ERA's vision is a new paradigm of healthcare which honors indigenous knowledge of psychoactive substances and their derivatives while upholding the highest standards of evidence-based medicine.


Event Start Date
08 Feb, 2019
Event Start Date
Event End Date
10 Feb, 2019
Event End Date


Child and Adolescent PsychiatryBehavioral HealthAddiction MedicineMarriage and Family TherapistPain ManagementWellnessSocial Worker ClinicalNeurologyMilitary MedicineMedical EducationPsychotherapyPsychologyMedical tourismTraumaNaturopathyPsychiatry



Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM)
2140 E Broadway Rd
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