An ever-expanding array of technologies and approaches are being employed to create more efficacious vaccines and advance the field, including developing predictive models and Systems Biology. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is also being used to elucidate viral evolution in an effort to more deeply understand infection, while self-amplifying vaccines are showing how to circumvent the inherent risks of live-attenuated vaccines.
The 9th annual “Novel Vaccines” meeting tackles all of these emerging technologies in an effort to crystallize where the field is headed, along with novel modes and routes of delivery, such as patches, VLPs and microparticles. Ways to test vaccines in order to ensure quality will also be explored, including rapid microbiological methods (RMM), potency tests, and large-scale arrays. Vaccine stability and targeting specific populations will also be discussed as part of the push to achieve more effective vaccines and support vaccine development.


Event Start Date
12 Aug, 2014
Event Start Date
Event End Date
13 Aug, 2014
Event End Date


Healthcare Technology


Marriott - Long Wharf
296 State Street
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