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As the Virus Continues to Spread, US Deaths Near 100,000

As the Virus Continues to Spread, US Deaths Near 100,000

Posted by Kyle Furman and Priya Korrapati on May 19, 2020

As almost all states start to ease their lockdown restrictions, the number of coronavirus cases and deaths continue to raise. Against the warnings of many health and disease experts, many U.S. citizens and government officials were in favor of the government deciding to reopen the economy. Many U.S. Citizens claimed that the lockdown prevented them from working and collecting a paycheck, which they said they needed in order to support their family financially, while others said it was simply against their rights for the government to restrict their freedom. This article looks to provide an update on all the latest COVID-19 national news, prior to what seems to be the unavoidable fate, of reaching 2 million confirmed cases.

Texas reports huge spike in cases:

On Saturday Texas reported seeing the highest single day increase of COVID-19 cases, with over 1,800 people testing positive for the respiratory illness. It should be noted that experts are not clear as to whether the huge surge in cases is due to an increase in testing, or if the virus is spreading more efficiently. Texas Governor Greg Abbott warned Texas residents that the COVID-19 numbers will only increase as the state continues testing, especially in the hotspot of the Texas Panhandle. The Panhandle is one of the worst infected areas in the state, with over 700 new coronavirus cases reported out of Amarillo alone.

New study finds how long COVID-19 particles can stay in the air:

“Coronavirus particles that are spread by talking, can linger in the air for 8-14 minutes”, according to a study conducted by the National Institute of Health. These findings conclude how the viral droplets generated when asymptomatic carriers speak, could be a likely mode of how the disease spreads. This same study also concluded that people who speak loudly can more easily spread the disease and create a higher risk of transmitting the virus to those around them.

States reopening beaches during Memorial Day weekend:

Beaches in 4 eastern U.S. states (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware) will reopen for Memorial Day weekend, with each holding their own set of restrictions. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in an announcement during a recent briefing, the coordinated effort was made to help prevent overcrowding. All four states will limit their beach capacity to 50%. Group contact activities will still be prohibited, and all beach employees and visitors, will need to wear a mask. Beachside bars and restaurants will still be limited to takeout and delivery services only. Many disease experts remain critical of the decision to reopen beaches, especially in those four states, because they account for 40% of the total confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S., with over 528,000 people testing positive.


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