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8 CME Marketing Trends To Boost Your Attendance for 2020

8 CME Marketing Trends To Boost Your Attendance for 2020

Posted by Kenechi Chiemelu and Priya Korrapati on January 15, 2020

CME depicts a community of medical professionals sharing their knowledge with each other. It also represents the discipline and dedication to the craft by numerous medical professionals. If you’re organizing a CME event, here are a few tips to maximize your attendance rate: 

  1. Email Marketing: Email is the least expensive and most cost-effective tool you can use. Retaining your past customers is just as important as acquiring new ones, so experiment with customized newsletters or improve your content marketing to encourage previous attendees to stay engaged with your ongoing event.
  2. Social Media: Create a Facebook or LinkedIn Group with the instructor/speaker and start finding interested participants. There are thousands of willing attendees just waiting to find the right CME course. If you’re looking for more detail in creating a LinkedIn profile and which groups to target, check out this article for more information.
  3. Marketing segmentation: Marketing segmentation is the applied research of dividing your target audience into smaller groups based on characteristics, such as age, income, personality traits, or behavior. In terms of CME Marketing, you’ll want to separate your audience in sections based on needs, priorities, and common interests. If you can understand the wants and needs of your customers, then you can tailor your programs in a way that will easily capture their attention. 
  4. Blogging: Because clinicians can be busy, creating a blog doesn’t seem like a manageable option. However, publishing blog articles is a great way to showcase your industry expertise and relate to healthcare professionals or laymen alike. Consider it a free resource for both potential and existing attendees to interact with your website and sign up for your courses. Remember that online marketing is about making your product discoverable and good content will do that job for you.
  5. SEO: Consider optimizing your website with SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that uses certain keywords and phrases to rank your website in search engines. The possibility that your website can appear first on google search engines is a high priority if you wish to compete with other marketers. 
  6. Paid Digital Ads: Paid digital ads allow you to market your event without actively posting on websites. This may seem counter-intuitive when trying to market but if used in the correct location, then it’ll help you reach both new audiences and demographics. These ads are designed to target a particular sector and entice those individuals, so coupling ads with marketing segmentation will promote your attendance rates.  
  7. Mobile indexing: Mobile-first indexing, powered by Google, powers over half of Google’s search results. That means that it is more likely that the pages you visit from a Google search are content indexed based on the mobile version of that page. So if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your ranking will suffer a massive hit.
  8. Loyalty Programs: A customer loyalty program is an easy way to retain your customers. You can provide rewards for your attendees, like points, discounts, or priority registrations. Studies show that acquiring a new customer is four times more expensive than upselling to a current customer, so make sure you keep those customers who are loyal!

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