Our Story

eMedEvents started with a simple idea. Priya Korrapati, our CEO & Founder, reflected, "Why couldn't there be one definitive online search portal for finding the right medical conference with the right CME credits" And this is how we came into existence.

We take pride in being the ultimate medical conference aggregator, helping healthcare professionals find medical events, speakers and organizers effortlessly.

Management Team

Priya Korrapati
Priya Korrapati
Founder & CEO
Jaka Jancar
Dr. Mark C. Spitz
Advisory Committee Chair
Dr. Nick Nugent
Chief Marketing & Sales
Neelima Ryali
Dr. Neelima Ryali
MD, Internal Medicine
Seshagiri Kollu
Managing Director, India


Dr. Patalano II James Vincent
Dr. Patalano II James Vincent
Dr. Ramana Dhanupati, Cardiology
Dr. Ramana Dhanupati
Dr. Terry Grant, Dentistry
Dr. Terry Grant
Dr. Kevin M. Rice, Diagnostic Radiology
Dr. Kevin M. Rice
Diagnostic Radiology
Dr. Manju Anagani, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Manju Anagani
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Bryan Houlberg, Dentistry, orthodontics
Dr. Bryan Houlberg
Dentistry, orthodontics
Dr. Syam P. Kunam, Psychiatry
Dr. Syam P. Kunam
Dr. Mark C. Spitz, Neurology
Dr. Mark C. Spitz
Dr. M.S. Reddy, Psychiatry
Dr. M.S. Reddy
Dr. Janak Joshi, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Occupational Medicine
Dr. Janak Joshi
Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Occupational Medicine
Dr. Padma Verrapaneni, Neurology
Dr. Padma Verrapaneni
Dr. Latha Jeevana, Diabetologist
Dr. Latha Jeevana
Dr. Anusha Thotakura Valluru, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Anusha Thotakura Valluru
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Vamsi Latha Maddala, Internal Medicine
Dr. Vamsi Latha Maddala
Internal Medicine
Dr. Madhu Korrapati, Nephrology
Dr. Madhu Korrapati
Dr. Buragadda Srinadh, Obstetrics/ Gynecology
Dr. Buragadda Srinadh
Obstetrics/ Gynecology
Dr. Srinivas Raju, Otolaryngology
Dr. Srinivas Raju
Dr. G. L. Sushmita, Pulmonologist
Dr. G. L. Sushmita
Dr. Kiranmayi Surapaneni
Dr. Kiranmayi Surapaneni
Internal Medicine
Dr. Veera Reddy, Orthopedics
Dr. Veera Reddy
Dr. A.Kumar Chakravarthy, Urology
Dr. A.Kumar Chakravarthy
Dr. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Neurology
Dr. Chandrasekhar Reddy
Dr. Suman Kadiyala, Internal Medicine
Dr. Suman Kadiyala
Internal Medicine
Dr. Shanti Eppanapally, Anesthesiology
Dr. Shanti Eppanapally
Dr. Ranjith, Orthopedics
Dr. Ranjith
Dr. Shalini Agarwal, Orthopedics
Dr. Shalini Agarwal
Dr. Asha Chinni, Dentistry
Dr. Asha Chinni
Dr. Riyaz Khan, Ophthalmology
Dr. Riyaz Khan
Dr. Sushanti Katta, Internal Medicine
Dr. Sushanti Katta
Internal Medicine
Dr. Preeti Shukla, Plastic Surgery
Dr. Preeti Shukla
Plastic Surgery

Our Office

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5 Cold Hill Road S,

Unit 27, Mendham,

NJ 07945

Ph: 1(800) 828-2059

Fax:+1(720) 545 2107

MOC / CME / CE Requirements
Connecticut Medical Examining Board

Connecticut Medical Examining Board accepts the credit courses that are accredited by ACCME and awards AMA PRA Category 1 Credit.

MD/DO Requirement:

CME Credits Required : 50.00 | Licensing Cycle AMA PRA : 2 Years | Category Credits : 0.00

A minimum of 50 contact hours of qualifying continuing medical education every 2 years commencing on the first date of license renewal;1 contact hour means a minimum of 50 minutes of the continuing education activity once every 6 years.1 CME hour in each of the following topics:

(A) Infectious diseases, including, but not limited to, acquired immune deficiency syndrome and human immunodeficiency virus,
(B) risk management,
(C) sexual assault,
(D) domestic violence,
(E) cultural competency,
(F) behavioral health.

Beginning January 1, 2020, such behavioral health CME must include at least 2 contact hours on diagnosing and treating (i) cognitive conditions, including, but not limited to, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, delirium, related cognitive impairments, and geriatric depression, or (ii) mental health conditions, including, but not limited to, those common to veterans and family members of veterans such as post-traumatic stress, risk of suicide, depression, and grief. OCC/MOC not accepted as a substitute. The commissioner may grant a waiver for not more than 10 contact hours of CME for physicians who:

(1) engage in activities related to the physician’s service as a member of the Connecticut Medical Examining Board,
(2) engage in activities related to the physician’s service as a member of a medical healing panel, or
(3) assist the state Department of Public Health with its duties to board and commissions (described in Ch. 368a. Sec. 10a-14).