Writing and Publishing for Healthcare Professionals 2016 - a Harvard Program
Writing and Publishing for Healthcare Professionals 2016 - a Harvard Program
November 30, 2015 by Nishanth Reddy
Have an opinion or piece of advice you want to share with the public and your fellow medical professionals? Have something you want published but don’t know how to get it out there? Want to get some traction for a book or written material? The Harvard program – “Writing, Publishing, and Social Media for Healthcare Professionals” has the answer to your questions.
It is said that for each book published there are huge number of scripts that never make it through the initial review process. Many of these rejections come down to the author not being familiar with the publishing cycle and not being able to sell his/her book to the publisher. The first workshop in the program will familiarize attendees with book publishing general processes.
Did you know getting past the acquisitions editor is one of the biggest hurdles? Acquisitions editors are charged with sniffing out good prospects that align with the publisher’s goals. They go through hundreds of books every year and spend only a few minutes on each book.So it is essential to develop a proposal that can convey the gist of the book in just a few minutes. There is a workshop dedicated to this process called “Writing a Nonfiction Book Proposal”. Explaining this process to the attendees is Julie Silver, an associate professor at Harvard and an accomplished writer.
Once a book passes the proposal test, the next big hurdle is what we call the “elevator pitch”. The pitch is where the author needs to “sell” his/her book to the publisher’s review group. This is a critical step in getting your book green lit for print. The importance of this step in the publishing cycle is demonstrated by the five separate sessions dedicated to helping doctors practice and learn the art of pitching. What a writer needs to understand is that the pitch for the book should be as strong as the content itself if it is to generate interest. Julie Silver and editors will once again guide the participants through the sessions.
In addition to these two workshops, there are several other talks from editors and course alumni on their experiences successfully publishing books. There are also several other interesting topics on self publishing, blog writing, and effective use of language. Attending this program will give participants a chance to network with accomplished editors and authors in the publishing industry.
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