When Physicians can Expect to Attend Live CME/CE Conferences, and how eMedEvents can help
When Physicians can Expect to Attend Live CME/CE Conferences, and how eMedEvents can help
November 16, 2020 by eMedEvents

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, many event organizers and HCPs have been forced to cancel their CME/CE conference plans. Many HCPs would prefer the hands-on learning approach, and because of this have been left wondering when is the next time they can expect to attend a live conference. Seeing as many countries around the world, are experiencing a resurgence in coronavirus cases, and with many health and disease experts predicting that a vaccine will not be distributed until the end of the year, event organizers should begin planning to host a live conference by the beginning of 2021.

What will conferences look like in 2021?
Even when a vaccine has been produced and distributed to the public, event organizers will more than likely be asked that their conference follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) coronavirus guidelines, for the foreseeable future in order to help prevent a resurgence in COVID-19 cases. Event attendees will be asked to wear a facemask covering their mouth and nose, wash their hands often, avoid touching others, and to disinfect any frequently touched surfaces. If an event organizer or attendee has any questions on how to better protect their event and themselves, they are always encouraged to call the CDC service hotline or visit their website.

Online CME/CE conferences-
If an organizer still wishes to host an event, but feels the risk is too great for large in-person conferences, the event organizer can host an online CME/CE conference. Online CME/CE events are broadcasted in several different ways, including but not limited to live webinars, webcasts, text-based CME, journal CME, and podcasts. Fortunately for organizers we are the premier destination for online CME because, as the world’s largest online marketplace for CME/CE (live and online) events and medical conferences around the world, we have over 285 specialties, sub specialties and topics to choose from, where you can also filter between preferred conference organizer, faculty, topic, speaker, specialty, and duration. Many of these online CME credits are AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits, enabling doctors to learn the latest trends related to their specialization. Physicians can not only take courses but can store certificates in the eMedEvents portal and download it, email, or send it for free through the CME wallet. eMedEvents, has all these options available under a single click. Try the eMedEvents mobile app and find your next great medical conference online.

How eMedEvents can help you plan your in-person/online CME/CE conference-
Whether you are choosing between an in-person event, or an online event, organizers choose to market their conferences through us, due to our large audience (700k+ HCP visits to our website a month) and because of our proficiency in the following fields:

Conference listing and registration- List your event on our website, and we make sure millions of HCPs discover it.

Event advertising and Targeted Marketing- Boost your events global visibility with our customized SEO and specialty-specific tools.

Affiliate marketing partnerships- Build integral connections with trusted influential partners.

Online CME/CE content creation and publishing- Easy and unique content creation with hassle-free broadcasting, streaming and automation.    

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