What You Need To Do When Your Conference Is Cancelled
What You Need To Do When Your Conference Is Cancelled
July 13, 2020 by eMedEvents

Abiding by the travel restrictions and the guidelines offered, most organizers have successfully canceled their onsite conferences. It is saddening to know that all the conference proposals have been withdrawn. As healthcare professionals are the significant attendees for the scientific meetings, organizers must begin to reshape the conferences' format. 

To keep your fear of missing out at the ebb, we have put forth all the essential steps that would aid you to make most out of your canceled conferences.

1. Build your Network

Networking plays a crucial part when you want to frame the success of your organization. This pandemic has allowed everyone to step back, modify, and utilize the opportunities we have. As you have plenty of time in this lockdown, relish this opportunity to connect with the prominent speakers, partners, and the most renowned HCPs around the world. You can even hold a collaborative session, spreading awareness regarding the present scenarios. Share ideas, trending researches, and engage wholly. 

Maybe you can also discuss how the future of the conference is going to be like. 

2. Go Digital 

You might have probably heard how much we at eMedEvents have emphasized the importance of online conferences. Adversities often teach us the most important lessons. Instead of worrying about the cancellations and the refunds, it is indeed a great deal to host an online conference. 

For the insights to host a successful online conference, you must check out out our article, 


Online meetings will help you build the required engagement and help your organization to satiate through this pandemic. 

And if you face any difficulty in choosing the right technology to host your conference, you can shoot us an email with all your details at contact@emedevents.com. You are just a click away to host a seamless online conference.

3. Host a local conference

Although you are leveraging the online conference, you can still choose to host an in-person meeting lodging with all the safety precautions. You can select a distinct topic or take this as an opportunity to share ideas on the current researches and the advancements. It creates a possibility for healthcare professionals to network and seek for help during an emergency. 

4. Amplify your social media

So, how would your audience know that you're holding a local conference or transforming it into an online meeting? Yes, you will need a medium to communicate. And, nothing is better than social media for this. Social media is the other significant aspect you must focus on during this pandemic. Build your profile and make your brand speak for you. 

Generate active engagement by creating a group, page, or directly communicating with the desired audiences. M\ginify your social media and easily find partnerships, sponsors, and relevant speaker data. 

5. Build an aesthetic website

Before even jumping into social media, a navigatable and outspoken website is all you need. The site is like a library for all your conferences. So, never take it for granted—your partner or an attendee will first step into the website to know about you and your upcoming sessions. So, make this first impression a long-lasting one. Hire an excellent designing team to make it all possible for you. 

Don't forget that human connection during this extreme use of digitalization. As there is no idea when this pandemic would subside, let's take all the safety measures to demolish this coronavirus. Meanwhile, let's make full utilization of the digital media stay economically fit.

Stay safe, stay home and Be at peace!!

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