What to Expect from an Online CME Conference
What to Expect from an Online CME Conference
March 13, 2020 by eMedEvents

Online CME events and CME courses are becoming more popular, thanks to technology that has allowed those who are unable to afford, or be present for CME conferences in person, to still feel like they are attending the event, while earning real CME credits. Unfortunately, because of travel restrictions, due to the coronavirus, online CME conferences are more important now, than they ever have been. Below we will describe what the benefits are of attending an online CME conference, along with what exactly you can expect while taking these courses and how eMedEvents can help you with your experience.


  1. Benefits:

The first advantage, you will notice when taking an online CME course, is the cost efficiency. You will not have to pay for travel expenses, and most online conferences are free, or have a significantly reduced price. Online conferences are also much more convenient, you can choose to watch the conferences from the comfort of your office, home, or even if you are on vacation. Every customer wants to get the most out of their dollar, well fortunately online CME conferences offer this as well. Not only can you attend all the courses, but you can replay previously attended courses as well, instead of being secluded to one timeslot. Online credits offer faster results, compared to live events. Quizzes taken online have immediate results available to HCPs. Lastly, time management is another key asset, as you will now have the luxury of deciding when exactly you want to participate in your event.


  1. What to expect when attending an on-line CME event:

The biggest difference you will notice between online and in person CME events, is the disadvantage online events have in connecting, and marketing. This isn’t to say you can’t connect with others if you attend the online event, you can always reach out to speakers and colleagues, you will just have less of an opportunity to do so. Aside from the personal connection aspect, your experience shouldn’t differ too much from your fellow attendees. As with any course your involvement will be determined by the programs you signed up for. Courses can range from journals, text-based CME and webcasts. If you signed up for an actual class, presenters can, and usually do, use video equipment to record the lecture, that way you feel like you are actually there.  


  1. How eMedEvents can help:

As the world’s largest online marketplace for CME/CE (live and online) events and medical conferences around the world, we have over 285 specialties, sub specialties and topics to choose from, where you can also filter between preferred conference organizer, faculty, topic, speaker, specialty, location, and duration between 159 countries. Many of these online CME credits are AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits, enabling doctors to learn the latest trends related to their specialization. Physicians can not only take courses but can store certificates in the eMedEvents portal and download it, email, or send it for free through the CME wallet. eMedEvents, has all these options available under a single click. Try the eMedEvents mobile app, and find your next great medical conference online or in one of more than 4768 other cities around the world.


HCPs are realizing that the benefits of online CME conferences are too great to ignore. Not only does it give physicians more flexibility in earning their CME credits, it provides HCPs another revenue stream.

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