Wearable Cardiac Defibrillator
Wearable Cardiac Defibrillator
April 27, 2016 by Kevin M. Rice, MD

Wearable Automatic External Cardiac Defibrillator • Xray of the Week 2016 • Week #6 This patient refused to remove his vest prior to getting a chest X-ray. The concerned tech called the radiologist. Fortunately, the radiologist knew that the radiopaque objects were due to the LifeVest wearable defibrillator made by Zoll which is a treatment option for sudden cardiac arrest. Unlike an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), the LifeVest is worn outside the body rather than implanted in the chest.

This device continuously monitors the patient's heart with dry, non-adhesive sensing electrodes to detect life-threatening arrythmias. If a life-threatening rhythm is detected, the device alerts the patient prior to delivering a treatment shock, and thus allows a conscious patient to delay the treatment shock. If the patient becomes unconscious, the device releases a Blue™ gel over the therapy electrodes and delivers an electrical shock to restore normal rhythm.

Chest Xray of a patient wearing the Zoll LifeVest. We have seen this device used increasingly while patients are waiting for their ICD placement.

Dr. Kamran Toluie, a cardiologist in Beverly Hills, California describes how the LifeVest can be used as a temporary potentially life-saving measure in patients with cardiomyopathy who may respond to conservative medical management before an ICD is needed.

Illustration of the Zoll LifeVest and how it looks on a patient. (from http://lifevest.zoll.com)

Video of the Zoll LifeVest and how it works.

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