Twitter in medical conferences Tweet conference on the rise
Twitter in medical conferences Tweet conference on the rise
August 2, 2013 by eMedEvents


With the internet at our fingertips, social media has become an all-important entity and Twitter, which is a popular micro blogging service, has become the new language of instantaneous expression. The medical community uses Twitter for discussing medical issues, sharing information and participating in online group activities. This use of Twitter in medical field has gone to the next level, with Twitter being used extensively at medical conferences!


Medical Tweet-ference Medical conferences are now no longer limited by the venue, the non—attendees anywhere in the world can virtually participate in the conference by following the Tweets of both, the official hashtag of the conference and the attendees. Twitter-ferences have enabled a drastic increase in community participation, as the scientific sessions and presentations are simultaneously discussed on Twitter among the onsite participants as well as those who may not be able to attend the conference in person.In fact, there quite a few scientific papers about the increased use of it at medical conferences. Through Tweets, the conference participants and the non-participants can discuss about an on-going session, or disseminate important information and give their opinion about the scientific findings. Twitter at medical conferences is a boon for people who wish to share information but consider writing a Herculean task. What can be better than writing your thoughts in less than 140 characters without having to worry about grammar, punctuation! Conferences are places where people meet each other, strike a conversation and build connections. And Twitter does just that! Twitter provides a platform for the conference attendees to start a conversation or be a part of it, or even meet people face-to-face with whom they have been interacting online.


Twitter for medical conference organizers The organizers of the medical conference can make effective use of Twitter to successfully conduct the conference. Twitter can be used by the organizers to announce workshops, important sessions, give reminders and provide registration information. Overall, the Twitter activity centers on building excitement and interest about the conference. During the conference, Tweets can be used to update the attendees about last minute changes in the venue or the session. The organizers can also upload important conference pictures or provide links to relevant blog entries. Once the conference ends, Twitter serves as a good platform to get feedback, thank everyone, announce upcoming meetings and measure the impact of scientific sessions.


Twitter for conference attendees If you are attending a medical conference in person, Twitter can be very useful in commenting on presentations, quoting the keynote speaker, and extending the discussion. Twitter can be used to share the conference titbit’s with a wide audience, the details can be posted on their blogs, and the links to the entry can be tweeted. You can also share your plan about the conference with attendees whom you wish to meet.


Twitter for non-attendees/remote attendees Even if you are unable to attend the medical conference in person, you can always get the conference highlights on Twitter on their official twitter Hashtag, or by relevant tweets of the attendees. Thus, you can be engaged about the latest medical developments without having to compromise on educating yourself.


Tips on making most of Twitter in medical conferences


  1. Create a Twitter account if you don’t have at
  2. Start following people of interest and like-minded people. If you are starting out, start by following some popular physicians Like Kevin Pho, Keith Korneluk
  3. Follow the conference hashtag for all the updates at the homepage.
  4. Announce that you would be attending the conference; like-minded people will start following you.
  5. Arrange for a tweet up- an online discussion forum on Twitter- with people attending or following the conference. Take their inputs, and discuss important information presented in the sessions.
  6. Be careful in tweeting, and don’t break embargoes!
  7. For small sessions like abstract presentation, you may tweet the conclusion along with one or two numbers and the name of the presenter if possible.
  8. If the session is a longer one, you may tweet a few quotes or important results presented during the session. Save the details for later tweets.
  9. You may also tweet the activities happening in the exhibition hall, or press room.
  10. Retweet the messages you like, respond with your reaction @reply
  11. Try to connect with other attendees and meet them face-to-face.
  12. If you are a presenter, upload your slides online.
  13. Be polite with your tweets on presenters as the tweets are public.
  14. If you are the organizer, set-up a live streaming for tweets.
  15. It is a good idea to screen the tweets when streaming live.
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