Top5 Measures Medical Organizers Need To Know To Tackle Coronavirus
Top5 Measures Medical Organizers Need To Know To Tackle Coronavirus
May 28, 2020 by eMedEvents

The pandemic has almost spread to all parts of the globe. Amidst fears, event organizers are puzzled, whether to go as per the plan or to cancel the event. Online conferences are the new boom; many organizers are adapting to changes quite well and are hosting their conferences digitally. 

Once the fears of the pandemic subside, you can leap to host the conferences as usual. But, there are certain precautions and the measures that you need to follow, such as social distancing and less human contact to discriminate the effects of the coronavirus. 

Here, we tried to put together some guidelines that would help you strengthen in the post covid world. 

Pre-Event precautions

Develop strict precautionary measures for your attendees such as,

- Restrict and limit the attendees from high-risk areas

- Establish screening centres before entering the venue

- Do not allow the attendees with the flu-like symptoms, fever, diarrhoea and vomitings

If a registrant is unable to attend the conference, present a complimentary Online session. It not only ensures safety but devoids you from refunds.  

Remember to follow-up with the guidelines established by WHO and communicate with the attendees on the same. 

“Cautions” during the conference

First things first, provide hand-sanitizers and masks for your attendees. Ask them to use sanitizers before they enter the venue hall. Midst of the conference, give a caution to maintain social distancing. Also provide advisories near water filling areas, food stations and washrooms. Wipe down the microphones and speakers. Disinfect the handrails, elevators, chairs, registration desks and bathroom. 

Establish isolation wards along with the medical professionals in case of an emergency. Seek the help of medical organizations to scrutiny the operating procedures and provide an on-site diagnosis.

Post-conference follow up 

Follow up with attendees even after the session, to confirm their well-being. Track the data of all the respondents who attended the meeting and alert them in case of any outbreaks. Send a precautionary guide post-conference considering the overall health of an attendee. 

Track COVID-19 with the resources

There are many resources available to track and follow up with the guidelines such as 

event planning guide by WHO for an organizer

centre for disease control for travel guidelines

International COVID-19 live tracker by WHO

Make a move to host your conference online

Even if the COVID-19 is gone, most of the attendees would prefer online conference. So, strategize the plans with your partners to seamlessly host a conference virtually. Notify and set a reminder for your registrants and present them a guide on how to access a meeting online.  

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