Top 7 Best CME Resources for Physicians
Top 7 Best CME Resources for Physicians
October 19, 2021 by eMedEvents

Top 7 Best CME Resources for Physicians


Education for healthcare professionals is a life-long endeavor due to the continuous discoveries in the field that have direct implications on their practice.

As Optimal patient care is the ultimate goal, it is undeniably crucial for physicians to stay up to date. Continuous medical education (CME) aids physicians in their career advancement by broadening knowledge and enhancing expertise which leads to an overall enrichment of their practice.

With a plethora of courses scattered across various sites and resources, planning a proper CME path becomes arduous for a physician. In addition, there are a wide range of applications and tools which physicians might also consider. 


The list of Top 7 best CME resources for physicians is mentioned below.


The American Medical Association (AMA):

The AMA is a well-known organization accredited by ACCME for providing CME to physicians. The members of this prestigious association are able to access any desired course located in the education center section of the AMA website for free of cost.


Harvard Medical School:

ACCME accredits the Department of Continuing Education of Harvard Medical school to provide CME for physicians of all specialties. Live CME courses and workshops take place in Boston throughout the year. This school's online CME courses can be considered as the largest learning initiative, wherein learners can access courses offered by leading experts and master clinicians. All of the courses on this platform are paid courses.


Stanford Medicine: 

The CME courses provided by the Stanford University School of Medicine include a wide range of specialty-focused primary care topics. The program aims to strengthen the ability of medical practitioners in delivering high quality, cost-effective care. All of the online courses, conferences, and workshops encourage health care practitioners to engage in learning sessions in research laboratories and patient care settings. All of the courses are charged on this platform.



eMedEvents is founded by physicians for physicians. Registering on eMedEvents is free. It has the world’s largest collection of free/paid medical conferences and events, that helps pursuing lifelong careers, education, and networking. Physicians are able to choose from a host of CE/CME options based on their specialties. eMedEvents is one of the world’s top leaders in healthcare education.



MomMD is an online magazine community that provides unique resources and information from an array of specialties. This learning platform also offers a review of courses that secure more credit than individual courses for a large amount of information loaded in the review course. This is an association for women in medicine. A multitude of updates on courses, special offers and free CMEs are regularly posted on the MomMD website. It allows users access to a variety of video, audio, and online course options. This learning channel has both paid and free CME courses.


AHC media:

The AHC media provides multiple CME courses across a wide spectrum of specialties and healthcare clinics. Apart from their online webinar series, this learning platform also offers participants study material and books to further deepen their knowledge and complete the course. The AHC media also has a division for free member registration and monthly education-based activities at




Another honorable mention that cannot be missed on this list is Medspace. Medspace offers credit-based programs to not just physicians but also registered nurses and pharmacists in over thirty specialties. Users can gain access to the personalized site with a free membership.





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