Top 5 Medical Device Conferences to Attend During 2020
Top 5 Medical Device Conferences to Attend During 2020
January 6, 2020 by Kenechi Chiemelu

As a healthcare professional, it is imperative to maintain an informed awareness of the current innovations in the medical device industry. Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic Inc., and Cardinal Health Inc., to name a few, are exploring the latest advances in the field, such as including software in medical device development. This organic progression of technology increases the devices’ potential long-term benefit for both healthcare providers and patients.

If programmable pacemakers and remodeled CT scanners interest you, then the best way to get involved is to attend the top five rated medical device conferences during 2020. Aside from witnessing the next evolution of medical devices, you’ll also be able to strike new partnerships with company officials, make valuable connections with other attendees, and attain knowledge of upgraded regulatory and industry trends.

Listed below are a few of the top medical device conferences that you need to attend during 2020:

MD&M Minneapolis

Variety is what one will find in Midwest’s largest Medtech event. The difference between MD&M Minneapolis and other Medtech events is that it hosts five complementary events in one. This organized assembly of multidisciplinary industry leaders allows attendees to broaden their knowledge on state-of-the-art technology by inquiring about the current promising trends in the medical device industry. The fields discussed during this medical conference may intrigue those pursuing 3D printing, robotics, plastics manufacturing, and automation, to name but a few.

MD&M Minneapolis is the place to meet global professionals from the Medtech community. Within this conference, there is no shortage to the number of resources provided for discovering new technologies, improved education, personal connections, and various other requisites for thriving in the medical industry.  

American Medical device summit 2020

During this conference, you’ll hear the many case studies detailing the strategic insights on streamlining the development and optimization of any medical device. Over 250 industry peers will stand beside you, exploring the same challenges and opportunities in medical devices’ development, quality management, and commercialization. And although there is an emphasis on small- and medium-sized businesses, a promised benefit comes from listening to the insight of leaders in Fortune 50 companies. You’ll learn to capitalize on the opportunities within the market while minimizing the risk of production. They will hold the conference from October 19-20 in Chicago, IL.

The Greenlight Guru True Quality Roadshow San Diego

This is the first-ever roadshow conference series which will be held on November 7, in San Diego, CA. Each participant attending will network freely with the city’s top medical device quality, regulatory, and engineering professionals during the initial reception. Afterward, the night ends with a fireside chat session - detailing a brief idea of the current condition of medical devices, trends, and updates - and Q&A on the future of quality and regulatory practices with an industry leader in your city and the founder, Jon Speer.


Medica is the world’s largest event in the medical industry, attracting the largest amount of leading individuals in the medical device industry. For example, in 2016, over 5,100 exhibitors from 70 countries graced its halls. Among those exhibitors, tens of thousands of national and international experts visited this event for its reputation and prestige. It is a 40-year-old conference, and suffice to say, every medical expert marks it in their calendar. It represents the entire innovation spectrum of outpatient and clinical care. Medica will be held, starting from November 16 to the 20th, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Biomedevice San Jose

Biomedevice takes place in the heart of medical technology innovation - Silicon Valley - as a premier and renowned event for Medtech professionals. It showcases the emerging trends, innovations, and breakthroughs that are propelling projects to the next stage of development while setting a conducive tone for the coming years. It is a marketing conference exploring the trends that drive advancements in healthcare. A few of its dedicated research entails engineering devices for minimally invasive surgery, cardiovascular health, diagnostics, and other therapeutic applications. The Biomedevice conference is held on December 9-10 in San Jose, CA.


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