Time Management tricks for Nurses
Time Management tricks for Nurses
September 28, 2018 by eMedEvents

It's critical to manage your time as a nurse whether you are a fresher or experienced. Over the years one tends to develop a strategy to handle their work with ease however when you shift from one job to another it takes time to redevelop the whole schedule.

Instead of wasting time and running behind schedule during your shifts, we have created a list to help to manage time as nurses efficiently.


Best three tricks for time management are:

Make a note: Carrying small sticky notes with you for quick note taking apart from this do your documentation at that particular moment, instead of putting it off for a later time as the workload will mount and it will cause stress later on.

Arrange: Since patients conditions can become unpredictable, it is mandatory to understand which patients needs are more important. Patients health conditions play a pivotal role and the second factor is the medication administration for the patients. Once you have listed the patients along with their needs you should be able to manage your shift with a bit of an ease.

Predict: Use your instincts at work to predict what the patient will possibly need in the future, this way you will be able to keep things ready. Always have a back-up ready for your medical supplies for the patient you are about to attend as well as keep things organized for quick access.

Apart from these simple tricks for time management, taking feedback from your senior colleagues and allotting work when required will help you handle your shift with less stress and more productivity.

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