The World of Digital Marketing for the Modern Doctor
The World of Digital Marketing for the Modern Doctor
December 31, 2019 by Kenechi Chiemelu

Why You Should Market Your Practice

Digital marketing is essential for professionals building a rapport with people. As a healthcare provider, it’s important to know how and why your patients choose their physician. If they’re hesitant or uncertain about your services, it’s your duty to reassure them. Understandably, maintaining an online presence may seem tricky, but for the doctor who cares, it’s worth exploring. 

So how does one build loyalty and trust amongst their patients? In this binary world, our first interactions aren’t always physical. It’s easier now than ever to consider the option of self-care over professional care. If I’m feeling unwell, my first instinct is to google my symptoms and self-diagnosis the problem. And if I’m truly stumped and my condition hasn’t improved over the course of a few days, then maybe I’ll think about visiting my physician. Maybe.

Our generations’ nigh-constant accessibility to simplified medical knowledge has created an intense sense of self-sufficiency. As a result, there’s a bit of skepticism directed toward the thought of paying someone to tell you what you might research on your own.

Before the transparency of the Internet, it was word-of-mouth, familiarity, and location that often sealed the deal for who our primary physician was. Nowadays, our expectation of doctors is even higher. For example, a good doctor used to soar through the ranks of ‘who’s who’ by having a gentle hand, a calming voice, a reassuring smile, and so on. But now, Google, Yelp, HealthGrades, and other websites are allowing patients to have a vague but cemented impression before their very first appointment.

But this is not to dismiss personable qualities, they're important during the first, second, and subsequent appointments. However, a study from 2014 shows that 86% of patients initially research health and wellness facts before booking an appointment with a physician. So whether you’re adapting to the digital age, it’s adapting to you.


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