Scientists Trace Where the Coronavirus Came From
Scientists Trace Where the Coronavirus Came From
June 2, 2020 by eMedEvents

Scientists believe they finally know how the coronavirus was created. Studies have indicated that COVID-19 went through a cross-species evolution between bats and pangolins (in China), before infecting humans. Scientists in the past have predicted that the coronavirus was created within China’s wet markets, an area where vendors in small, tightly packed stalls sell vegetables, live fish, and meat. Some vendors even sell wild animals, although most do not. Recently the U.S. pressured China, to shut down their wet markets, for fear of future viruses originating from the markets, while Australia also urged an international scientific investigation on the health rights associated with them.

Scientists conducted two studies, where one analyzed the 43 genome sequences from three strains of coronavirus, similar to the one that is causing COVID-19 in humans, where the strains are identified in the two different animals. COVID-19 is reported to be more like the viruses found in bats, but the ability of the novel coronavirus to have spike protein bind itself to human cells, was identified more in the pangolin viruses. Because COVID-19 went through evolutionary changes to its genetic material, scientists are comparing the disease to SARs, which was a combination of bat and civet viruses.

The second study, which was published in the “Science” journal, looked to trace the different areas of the world, the coronavirus was introduced to in 84 patients at the Mount Sinai Health Systems Facilities in New York. Researches analyzed the genetic sequence of different individual viruses and matched them against more than 2000 COVID-19 genomes from around the world including Europe, the U.S. etc.

With the origin of the virus becoming clearer, one thing all scientists seem to agree on, is that reducing or eliminating direct human contact with wild animals is essential to avoiding future viral outbreaks.

With over 6 million confirmed cases worldwide and over 370,000 deaths, the coronavirus is already being considered one of the deadliest outbreaks the world has ever faced. The public recently received some good news, due to the possible development of a vaccine on the respiratory disease. On Monday, the first human trials of a potential antibody treatment against COVID-19 have begun. If the trials prove to be successful, the treatment could be made available by Autumn. 

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