Reasons To Utilize Social Media During COVID-19
Reasons To Utilize Social Media During COVID-19
June 19, 2020 by eMedEvents

As this is the era of social distancing, the medical organizers have decided to cancel their events temporarily while few choose to host them Online. This Pandemic has given a big strike to the world economy. But, You can still make it an advantage by utilizing digital media.

Do you know that 66.7% of the HCPs utilize social media to access any medical information?

Yes, the number is high!!

To all the organizers, if you aren't on social media yet, you need to go social now!!

Wondering how?

Here's what you need to do

1. Post the past content

Add the older images of your meetings to emphasize the importance of a "gathering." You don't have to post every time with a call to action; all you need is a medium of connection to know your audiences. Post some inspirational images or the one which aligns with your organization.

2. Promote your Online Event

With the right technology in hand, you can turn your live session to an Online Conference. Post the updates regarding the launch of your online conference. As there is a rise in social content utilization, direct them to attend an Online conference illustrating its benefits. You can post a teaser of your conference to build a gist of curiosity. Additionally, you can also send a reminder before the commencement of your meeting. 

3. Choose the right social media platform

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter are the most used social media channels. You don't have to be active on all of them. Moreover, Your targeted audience may not be available on all the channels. Choose the exact ideals where your customers are most active. 

4. Connect with your audiences

Utilize social media to build engagement with your respondents. Connect with the new audience, explaining the benefits they get by attending a medical conference. Social media plays a vital role in communicating and sharing information. As an organizer, your audience might belong to various specialities. Segment your audiences and share the relevant content. You've got plenty of time than ever to do a full-time job of connecting with the viewers and answering their queries. Be trustworthy and gain the abundance of participants for your upcoming medical conferences.

5. Little effort, Bigger results

Social media doesn't require much effort. All you need is limited resources from your very own website and a right strategy. Pay attention to the "need of the hour" and the "demand for the content." Bestow your information, updates, and the direction your medical conferences. 

There is a high demand for digital content than ever. The Pandemic has bought an enormous shift influencing the user-behaviour. Social media is the best way to know your audiences and build engagement. 

So, how well are you performing in the game of social media?

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