Post Event Engagement
Post Event Engagement
December 2, 2015 by Anu Meka

Now that the event is over, doesn't mean we stop interacting with our attendees/ organizers. This piece of the puzzle is as critical as the pre event engagement. Trust me, the networking and interactions we made during the event needs to be followed through and this forms an important pivotal point for deal making for upcoming events for both attendees and organizers. Here are few creative methods for keeping your event on forefront of your attendees mind as you keep them hyped and interested in your future events.  

  • Thank you

Sending thank you note is a nice gesture. This could be achieved in an old fashioned orthodox manner of snail mail or in the form recent electronic format (email, message etc) but as long as you keep it personal (addressing them with their name, noting down the list of sessions attended by them) secures a spot in their mind. Along with note, you could also send a tangible item like key chain or pen with your future even listed or printing your website is also an excellent choice.

  • Post event Surprises

A freebie is always well received. This can be creative in form of a reward like entering their name into a raffle or a chance to receive free membership to their speciality/board or substantial discount coupon for the next event encourages your attendees to return to your next organized business or event.

  • Network

Just don't underestimate the power of social networking this day and age. Right from posting pictures of your event on Instagram to update statuses on Facebook about your success or tweeting in twitter all is received well. Bottom line networking in some way/ fashion and staying connected is critical and crucial for future success.

  • Survey

Knowing things that worked best vs what needs to be improved and following up with corrective action plan is how we can improve ourselves or can pat our back for the job well done. So for this either of the things, input from attendees is needed and we can achieve this by a survey or poll. With recent technologies we could poll our attendees while they are right in the event itself with the pushbuttons supplied to them.

  • Acknowledge

If an attendee volunteered to help out this event in any form or fashion acknowledge their efforts. Acknowledging them in a newsletter is an excellent gesture.

All in all understanding interaction and networking are the basic building blocks for a successful entrepreneurship.

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