Online CME for nurses
Online CME for nurses
March 20, 2020 by eMedEvents

Requirements for CME credits vary state by state, but on average nurses need to earn 20-30 credit hours for license renewal. Because continuing education credits cannot be accumulated from year-to-year, nurses are forced to be disciplined in their CMEs. A nurse’s shift can stretch into the late nights, and early mornings, which gives nurses very few opportunities to travel to their local class, or nearest CME location. Therefore, for most nurses online CMEs are usually their best option. Below we will go over the benefits of online CMEs, to help you determine whether that is an path you would like to explore, and the top 3 CME credit websites to help with your future credit hours.

  1. The benefits for nurses to earn CME credits online:

The first benefit to taking an online CME, is you will notice you have more freedom in choosing what you want to study, where and when. Online classes offer a wider variety of degrees to choose from, with the comfortability of studying anywhere else, but the classroom. Secondly, in an online database, nurses/students can share information through a forum, where homework can be posted, students can discuss questions and share tips with one another. Online courses also give you the potential to network with other students from around the world. Networking with students in different areas of the globe, allows nurses to become aware and familiar with the latest medical trends and news in particular regions. Lastly, you are more likely to spend less money, when taking an online class. The main reasons for this is, because most people need to travel in order to attend the CME conference of their choosing. Traveling expenses can be very expensive on a budget, no matter how well prepared they are in advance.

  1. Best online forums to receive your CME credits: Based on the dollar value, best reviews, and number of users.

Elite Healthcare- provides nurses with affordable, high quality CME credits. Elite Healthcare is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission of Accreditation. At Elite Healthcare, you are given the option of shopping CE by state, and for a flat rate of $99(1 year), you have access to over 1800 hours of ANCC-accredited courses. Elite Healthcare also has just begun offering free coronavirus (COVID-19 101) nursing courses. Offers courses that were developed for nurses, by nurses. This website offers multiple free CE courses, with the option of unlimited CE courses for only $49.95. Most free courses are for one credit hour. is accredited with the ANCC, ACPE, and ACCME. If you become a member of the website, you will have instant access to over 700 CE courses, will be given license renewal reminders, free CE alerts, customized job alerts, resume upload, and many more benefits. Here you can access the state’s CME requirements, along with the country’s, the forum also offers 100+ nursing CE hours. This provider is also accredited by the ANCC, offers unlimited test attempts, pass or fail, and numerous price options, such as the course bundle (varies by state), the 1 year full access option for $69, or the career option for $299, where you pay one fee, and receive access to all the website’s benefits for life.

Earning online CME credits, is a growing trend among HCPs. Not only are online CMEs cheaper, but they are also more convenient for those with busy lives. Make sure whatever online forum you choose to invest your time in, that they are properly accredited, offer great benefits, and have good customer reviews, that way you can feel like your money is worth the investment. 

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