Medical Event Marketing In 2021 Through The Lens of COVID-19
Medical Event Marketing In 2021 Through The Lens of COVID-19
March 23, 2021 by eMedEvents

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has become near impossible for organizers to host in-person events. Like other industries, medical organizations decided to cancel and postpone their conferences last Spring. 

However, virtual events have changed the way we all look at CME/CE conferences. Although crowd restrictions are still in place worldwide, virtual meetings have provided a way to host events while accessing the same audience. 

As you begin to navigate this new form of hosting, check out these Medical Event Marketing Strategies to boost your registrations and revenue this year:

1. Imprint a Clear UI/UX - 

Focus on user interaction and user experience.

 - Analyze the previous attendee interactions with your website.

- Map a user journey, and determine the gaps.

- Make your website more interactive and easy to navigate.

- Keep away the unnecessary pop-ups and be more presentable.

2. Build Brand Reputation - 

Pay attention to the existing user preferences.

- Identify the problem users are experiencing due to the COVID-19.

- Take a poll, asking your audience their preferences.

As we move forward, hybrid meetings will be the new trend. (93% of the medical organizers plan to invest in virtual conferences, whereas 53% of the attendees choose to attend virtual events.)      

 3. A Blend of SEO and Content Marketing -  

Pay attention to the constant updates and trends.

- Focus on Mobile-first indexing. 

- Voice Search Optimization is another trend you need to concentrate on (62% of doctors use voice recognition to access information on the internet.) 

- E-A-T ("Effective-Authoritative-Trustworthy”) form of content is all you need to make search engines crawl and display your website on the first page of the search results.

- Build Content along with the best SEO practices to accelerate the numbers.            

 4. Social Media for Brand Awareness - 

Social media is a powerful tool to raise awareness about your organization and the events you conduct. It helps you engage with your audience in creative ways and boosts event registration. 

- Create an event page on Facebook to help your attendees stay informed about your upcoming event.

- Build an event hashtag.

- Post video and image content to aesthetically describe your conferences.

5. Build Engagements with Email Marketing and Notification Alerts 

Emails are modern-day postcards! Use them to share critical updates with your audience.

- Highlight the speakers and dedicate an email campaign to familiarize the audiences with the event content.

- Notify your audience about the event right before its commencement. Use Facebook, emails, or a notification tool like push notifications.

As the industry experts in marketing virtual medical events, eMedEvents offers these services to help you sell a conference to over a million HCPs. 

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