Medical Conferences Opt for a Twitter Upgrade
Medical Conferences Opt for a Twitter Upgrade
October 21, 2013 by Shruti


Trending right now at medical conferences is a need to tweet the most intriguing aspects of the sessions. Twitter is being popularly used as a tool to discuss and share insights about various sessions at a medical conference in real time.You may wonder what use a social media tool like Twitter (that is generally used for marketing, branding and connecting purposes) has for medical conferences. Survey analysis has shown that tweeting at medical meetings has many academic and professional benefits.




Why use Twitter at medical conferences


  • Connect with people attending the conference through Twitter by looking up those who tweet using the conference Hashtag.
  • Make digital notes and capture the most interesting aspects of the conference with tweets and Retweets of the conference discussions.
  • Check feedbacks on your presentation by seeing what people have tweeted about your session.
  • Plan events and tweet about it them to increase your networking pool.
  • Influence other people by spreading powerful and important scientific messages across the Web
  • Evolve as a scientific community with the use of new age media
  • Engage public and educate them about diseases, symptoms, treatments, and increase awareness-about medical advancements.


Understanding Twitter Lingo:


  • A Tweet is similar to a status update and can be up to 140 characters. An ideal tweet is often informative, containing internal citations while evoking a positive response among users.
  • A Retweet is simply sharing someone else’s tweet with your followers. These often have an ‘RT@ ’ prefix.
  • A Hashtag (#) is often used to highlight popular keywords and categorize your tweets to make them easily searchable.
  • A TweetUp is a simple introduction using ‘@username’ format to meet and connect with other users.
  • A list of Trending Topics on your dashboard tells you about the most popular discussions of the day or week.


How to Use Twitter


It is easy to network using Twitter at medical conferences. Just learn the basics of the tool and apply them to your conference situation.

  • Go to and sign up for an account.
  • Follow people and organization that you share interests with, so you can read and share their tweets.
  • Write what you would like to share in less than 140 characters in the text box that says What’s happening, and click on Tweet to send it.
  • Use # as a prefix to keywords and popular topics included in your Tweet to categorize it, and make it easily searchable. For example, #MdConferences would categorize all discussions related to
  • Use ‘@username’ template to direct your tweets to a specific users or mention other users in your tweet.
  • Click on Retweet to share most interesting Tweets.


How to use Twitter at Medical Conferences


The use of Twitter as an engagement tool at medical conferences is rapidly increasing. Here are different ways in which attendees and organizers can interact on Twitter.


Before a conference: Twitter is frequently used to announce medical meetings, workshops, and conferences. This is a platform where attendees and registrants are reminded of the deadlines and items that are required at the conference. Twitter updates using the #conference often helps medical professionals to plan ahead for their trips, share more information about conference material, accommodation and more. This is a place where conference attendees are engaged before the conference as the excitement for the event keeps building.


During a conference: Here, attendees often share information like quotes, photos, and videos related to the conference. Furthermore, the conference organizers announce the most-happening events, again to keep the attendees engaged. Twitter acts like a digital note keeper where attendees share the most intriguing parts of a discussion. This provides a platform to ask questions, extend the discussion online, and keep the audience engaged long after the conference ends.


After a conference: At this stage, Twitter is often used to provide feedback on the conference and the contributors. It is also a time to connect with new acquaintances made at the conference. You can also plan further events like discussions related to similar topics and invite interested attendees using the conference hashtags. Switch to Twitter for your next conference, and experience the benefits for yourself.

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