Latest Coronavirus Developments
Latest Coronavirus Developments
June 19, 2020 by eMedEvents

The coronavirus outbreak continues to rapidly surge across the South and West of the U.S., with many of these areas hoping that mandatory mask-wearing regulations will help slow the spreading of the viral disease. Despite the record number of cases and hospitalizations, President Trump issued a statement to the public, informing them “we won’t be closing the country again, we won’t have to do that”. Below are some of the most significant developments in the past week, involving the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • With professional soccer and basketball organizations across the world returning to play, many other professional sports leagues are looking at the very real possibility of being shutdown for the year. Major League Baseball and the The National Football League are the two leagues most likely to be shutdown. The nation’s top public health expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci commented on the NFL season being in jeopardy saying “unless players are essentially in a bubble… it would be very hard to see how football will be able to be played this fall”.
  • As Oklahoma has a record number of cases statewide, Tulsa county, where Trump is set to begin his rallies for reelection for President of the U.S., has been one of the worst infected areas in the state, having received a record number of cases on Wednesday.
  • Florida, who has received a spike in COVID-19 cases since Memorial Day weekend, is starting to be considered by many disease experts, as the “new epicenter” for the coronavirus. Critics have accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of letting the outbreak get out of control, by not enforcing stricter COVID-19 regulations. Florida is not the only state, seeing an increase in confirmed cases, as 22 other states are seeing an increase in the outbreak.
  • China, in an attempt to stop a second wave of the coronavirus, is stopping travel to Beijing, this includes flights, trains, and buses to the country’s capital.
  • It appears that the coronavirus may be more harmful and contagious to younger people, than initially thought. An examination of Texas has shown that about a quarter of all hospitalizations in the state, are between the ages of 20-29. In many counties, especially around Austin, the majority of cases being diagnosed are under the age of 30.
  • As of this writing, the U.S. (the most infected country in the world), has nearly 2.2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, and about 117,000 deaths. Globally 8.3 million people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, with over 447,000 deaths.
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