Las Vegas CME- Primary Care Conferences 2021
Las Vegas CME- Primary Care Conferences 2021
February 10, 2021 by eMedEvents

Apart from earning CMEs, The main goal of the medical conferences is to facilitate the HCPs with networking opportunities. There was a halt to this with the rise of the pandemic. Live webinars have been the New Normal. Abiding the adversities, medical organizers remained to host the conferences online. Although these online activities were planned in concise notice, they served HCPs to stay accreditated throughout the pandemic. However, it is primitive to behold a full-congress to unite diverse audience groups, initiating the conversations and debates among the speakers and the respondents. 

With the discovery of a vaccine for COVID-19, The new year will be a year of transition. The airlines are resumed, and traveling is made possible. Medical organizers installed new hopes on reverting their meetings to in-person conferences. Though the Vaccine is bought into action, the events will be available in hybrid formats, making it feasible for the attendees who can't make it to attend an in-person meeting. 

Considering the scenarios, Here, we compiled the list of Primary Care conferences that are held in Las Vegas in 2021. 

Before jumping straight into the list of conferences, you need to be aware of the COVID restrictions imposed in the City of Las Vegas. 

Safety Guidelines To Follow While Travelling to Las Vegas

According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention travel guidelines, all passengers traveling to the USA must get a negative COVID-19 test result, 72 hours before the departure. The Nevada Health Response, a screening will be conducted each time a visitor enters a facility. 

Follow the basic guidelines such as, 

- Wearing a mask

- Using a sanitizer

- Maintaining 6 feet social distancing 

- Covering your elbow while coughing

- Avoiding touching eyes, nose, and mouth

The state also implanted testing sites in multiple areas of the city, requiring advanced registrations to mitigate the mass gatherings. 

Alert - Do not travel if you are sick, or tested positive for COVID-19

Vaccination in Nevada

Get vaccinated and stop the spread while you travel. The Southern Nevada Health District is administering the COVID-19 Vaccine in coordination with the Nevada State Immunization Program. The State Public Health Preparedness staff issues vaccination for COVID-19. You can book the vaccine slots online. 

Here we present you the 2021 Primary care conferences that are hosted in Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas CME- Primary Care Conferences 2021

 Medical Education Resources (MER) is the sole organizer to organize these Primary care conferences in Las Vegas.

1. Internal Medicine for Primary Care: Geri/Neuro/Ophth is all set to commence from 8Oct2021 - 10Oct2021 at Wynn Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA. This CME activity awards a maximum of 12 Credits. 


2. Geriatric Medicine for Primary Care: Endo/Geri/Rheum conference will be held at Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The symposium will start on 19Nov2021 and ends on 21Nov2021. On successful participation, physicians will be able to earn a maximum of 12Credit hours. 


3. Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine for Primary Care: Emergency/Endo/Gyn medical CME is hosted in Wynn Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The medical congress will commence from 10Dec2021-12Dec2021. After the session, physicians will be able to earn a maximum of 12 credit hours. 


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The fun part is here. The benefit of traveling to attend a conference is, you will have an opportunity to explore the best of the place. And, Post-conference is the best time for it. Make the most of your vacation by touring the best places in Las Vegas.

5 Must-see Attractions in Las Vegas

The Strip 

The strip is one of the popular locations in Las Vegas, with a 7Km long road filled with an exquisite variety of resorts and hotels. 15 of the 25 world's largest hotels can be found in the strip lane. The strip is also embedded with a wide range of shopping malls, and Bonanza Gift Shop is believed to be the world's biggest gift shop. Bellagio's fountain area is one of the most famous entertainment activities in the region; witness the beautiful synchronic water show. 

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

 Credit: Viator

Red Rock Canyon is the best sightseeing location in Las Vegas with its immense red rock formations and is a favorite place for rock climbers and hikers. The red rock canyon is visible from The Strip. This place is trendy for adventure activists, bicycle tours, and camping. It is important to note that this place is scorching during summers. 

The Secret Garden Amusement Park 

 Credit: Viator

The 27-year-old Secret Garden and Dolphin habitat have a special place in Las Vegas's history, founded by Seigfried and Roy's famous singers. The sanctuary attracts millions of tourists. The visitors can swim, paint and have fun in the park. 

The High Roller at the Linq 

 Credit: Viator

This High Roller is famous since the year 2016. The rollers wheel is about 500 feet high, giving the visitors a scenic view/glimpse of the city. 


 Credit: Viator

Bellagio is a hotel -resort with a botanical garden, a large lake, and a fountain. The Bellagio water show attracts vast tourists every day. The gardens of the hotel are the top attractions which draw many tourists' attention. The garden changes throughout the season, according to the season. The scenery and the beauty are worth witnessing. The Bellagio's fine art museum displays exotic collections of artists and private collections, a must-visit for art enthusiasts.

The pandemic has changed human interaction. The changes are going to persist a little longer. Though you attend an onsite conference, it is vital to maintain social distancing and follow the safety measures.


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