Improving Patient Experience
Improving Patient Experience
September 21, 2018 by eMedEvents

Want to improve your patients’ overall experience at your medical practice? Then read this blog for some helpful ideas.

Overall, patient experience is very important for your practice to grow. Several practices have run into legal troubles, filed for bankruptcy, and even some physicians have lost their licenses due to poor patient experiences. Numerous factors need to be taken into consideration to improve your practice’s overall patient experience.

Providing clear and concise information to your patients is very important. This includes diagnosis and treatment options as well as expected costs and insurance coverage. There are other considerations to keep in mind to make sure that your patients feel comfortable and have a positive experience with your medical practice.


The Top 3 ways to improve patient experience are:

Visits: It is important to make sure a patient feels comfortable throughout their entire visit. This starts when they walk into the front office and lasts until they leave. Whether it is their first visit or a simple follow-up, the visit needs to be smooth and comprehensive. Be sure to provide clear information about any prescribed medication or upcoming procedure, answer any questions they may have, and clearly outline expected costs. Having courteous and attentive staff helps in building a good rapport with patients throughout their visit.

Clean & friendly design of the practice: Make sure your practice is neat, clean, and easy to navigate. Take a fresh look at your clinic from a patient’s point of view and make sure all areas are maintained, neat, and clean. This is so important to help a patient feel relaxed and build trust.

Friendly/polite staff members: Be sure to train and encourage your staff to handle all patients with courtesy and respect. When patients have a rapport with practice staff members it creates trust and makes them feel comfortable during what can be stressful visits. Also, make sure your staff is well-organized so they can locate files and other data to assist patients and answer questions quickly.

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