Impact of COVID-19 on Live Medical conferences and Online Conferences
Impact of COVID-19 on Live Medical conferences and Online Conferences
May 26, 2020 by eMedEvents

As COVID-19 is on the air, it seems impossible for the organizers to arrange larger gatherings. Not more than ten people are allowed to gather at a place. Well, this pandemic has made some drastic changes, initiating the utilization of technology and various digital approaches. Be it sharing a piece of scientific information or to treat a patient, everything is now online. 

Replacing live with online conferences, organizers continue to reach and deliver the information with their audiences, to elevate the reach and impact.

Before COVID-19, many healthcare communities such as scientists, HCPs, pharma companies used to rely on in-person conferences to build connections and interactions. For pharma companies, medical conferences are a stage to display their new products. Live meetings are the pillar behind the advancements in the medical industry. It is essential to outline a solution to satiate in times of adversity. Now is the time for the medical organizers to draft goals that would elite their success despite the consequences. 

Let's Look into the effect of COVID-19 on live and online conferences.

Adapt and Overcome

One of the best ways to master the challenge is to create brand strategies based on user behavior. HCPs attend the conferences to explore specialty-based information, updates on the technology, surveys, etc. In contrast, pharma respondents seek partnerships with brands to sell their products. Technology is widely available, and you can still make it all happen for your attendees with the virtual conferences. 

Here are the three steps to evolve in the era of online conferences,

- Understand the user preferences

- Notify and train your attendees on the technology, and new approaches stay updated

- Communication is the key 

Before setting your conferences online, a marketer has to analyze the secure and high demand channels such as, 

1. Live webinars

2. Webcasts 

3. Podcasts

Like in-person conferences, attends can also network and collaborate with the peers, share the insights, and discuss the research data. Additionally, attendees are allowed to access or revisit a registered online conference for a longer time. 

It is a no brainer that most of the conferences are online. We must adapt and refurbish the strategies for long term transformations. Continue to build HCP engagement and keep them updated with emerging technologies.

If you've reached here, you might be an organizer looking for a way to build audience engagement, or you might be looking for a place to host your online conference. 

No worries, you're in the right place. Click on the link below and seamlessly host your online conference.

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