How to Promote CME Events through eMedEvents
How to Promote CME Events through eMedEvents
August 1, 2022 by eMedEvents

Are you planning a medical conference but stuck on how to advertise it to healthcare professionals? Effective product promotion is often difficult to achieve, regardless of what you are trying to sell. CME organizers in particular have a lot on their plates—between managing multiple vendors, coordinating speakers, and generating interest in their event across a variety of online platforms.

Not only do you need to implement your marketing strategy at least 2 months prior to your start date, but you also need to have a post-event strategy prepared to retain attendees, speakers, and vendors after your event has ended.

Feeling overwhelmed? eMedEvents can help. CME organizers can promote their events quickly, easily, and directly through the site by creating an online organizer profile. On top of on-site web hosting and custom event landing pages, eMedEvents offers marketing and advertising services that will broadcast your conference to our existing HCP user base and beyond.

Our promotional tactics include online display advertisements, email campaigns, social media marketing, and more. eMedEvents has a marketing strategy for every CME occasion—all at your disposal.

Display Advertisements

eMedEvents offers organizers a selection of text-based, image-based, and video-based banner ads that run both on- and off-site. Through our intuitive and interactive digital advertisements aimed at healthcare professionals, your conference will receive optimal online visibility.

Our ads generally consist of a combination of text and images, with a hyperlink embedded within that brings users to a custom landing page where they can review event details and register for attendance.

Email Campaigns

When it comes to keeping in touch with your audience, there is nothing more effective than an email marketing list. eMedEvents has a dedicated list of hundreds of thousands of HCPs that has been appropriately segmented for the purpose of targeting specific specialties and professions according to the needs of our organizers.

We share news regarding the medical industry, information about the available courses and conferences on our site, and similar healthcare-related messages.

Push Notifications

Due to career demands alone, healthcare professionals are busy people and often appreciate assistance when it comes to tracking down the CME/CE content that is relevant to them. Through push notifications, eMedEvents ensures that subscribed HCPs remain up-to-date on the latest news regarding our listed medical conferences and courses.

Push notifications are a fantastic vehicle for conveying the latest CME/CE events, last-minute program changes, on-demand courses, special offers, post-event surveys, and much more. This feature is available across all mobile devices and computer operating systems.

Once a user has subscribed to eMedEvents push notifications, they will receive our messages as long as they are online—regardless of their web browser. Studies have shown that push notifications improve attendee retention, audience targeting, conversion rates, and social network promotions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The essence of successful SEO is anticipating HCPs’ interest, recognizing the type of content that interests them, and offering them the best solutions for meeting their credit requirements. SEO allows you to discover more about your clients and their behaviors while also serving as a consumer research tool and sales channel for your organization.

The landing page for your conference needs to draw suitable traffic in order to increase registrations. Therefore, your conference page needs to be effectively optimized to bring in visitors—which is best achieved through high rankings on search engine results pages (SERP). However, boosting your page to the top of the SERP is no easy task.

The core essentials of SEO include site performance, accessibility across devices, sensible layouts, and so on. The higher you rank for a valuable keyword or phrase, the better chances you have of promoting conversions and selling tickets to your event. When it comes to maximizing exposure for your CME event, SEO cannot be ignored.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms make up an excellent marketing channel because of the low cost, comparatively low effort requirement, and precise targeting. According to online studies, healthcare professionals—like everyone else—use social media regularly. Therefore, it is crucial to enhance your social media presence.

For professional purposes, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are great places to start. Try hosting periodic Q-and-A sessions, engaging positively with commenters, and posting image or video content that is relevant to your intended audience.

Virtual Event Creation & Hosting Services

In-person events are a staple of the healthcare world, though going digital has become a necessary part of event organization—due in no small part to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, virtual events require the same care and attention as their in-person counterparts.

In both cases, you must develop an effective marketing strategy to successfully promote the event and engage with HCPs in a manner that will prompt registrations. The only major differences between the two are the in-person components: a physical venue and on-site vendors/attendees. Even so, a virtual event has the potential to make an even greater impact—provided it can offer an engaging experience to its attendees. 

With eMedEvents, you can create, organize, and/or host any type of CME activity through its user-friendly interface. Organizers can choose from over 25,000 speakers, directly on our site, and select the right panelists for their upcoming event.

HCPs can enrich their learning experiences with our livestreams, webinars, podcasts, online journals, and text-based courses. When it comes time to register, the payment process is a breeze; eMedEvents accepts all major credit cards as well as mail-in checks.

When using our online hosting service, eMedEvents will monitor all incoming event registrations and track event visibility across our various marketing avenues.

When it comes to spreading the word about your upcoming CME conference, a dedicated event organizer can offer a huge advantage. eMedEvents has a dedicated marketing team that can help you automate and streamline your marketing efforts.

Boost Your Event Registrations Today with eMedEvents

Continuing Medical Education content is always in high demand. At eMedEvents, it is our goal to connect you and your events to your target healthcare professionals. Through our concentrated marketing strategies, you will enjoy measurable improvements in online traffic and visibility—and a significant increase in the number of successful ticket sales.

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