How To Hone With Your Conference Marketing During COVID-19
How To Hone With Your Conference Marketing During COVID-19
April 29, 2020 by eMedEvents

Planning an online conference isn't as tedious as an in-person conference. Well, everyone is on the internet these days, and this is the right time to capture the attention of your desired audiences. The question is, How can you do that? Yes, all you need is the right strategy that could bring your audiences to the registration desk. 

Here are the 5 ultimate tips for marketing your Online CME Conference. 

Know your Audience

First things first, know who your audience is. Understand your audience persona and present them precisely what they need. Do research on where they are most active on social media and serve and let them know about your conference. 

Breakthrough the social media

Do you know that 25% of the registrations are obtained through social media? Yes, people often turn to social media to find what's happening in their respective fields. As an organizer, ensure to strengthen your game across all the social media channels. Be consistent and efficient in attaining the utmost benefits from your conference marketing. 

Focus on the content 

Ensure to present full conference information for your audience. Remember, in the end; you are marketing the topic of the conference. Repurpose this information as infographics, short videos, or any graphical representations and spread them across the social media channels to drive engagement. 

Double down your SEO

Google acts as a discovery tool for your attendees. To make your conference pop up on the top of the search engine, you got to get your hands on the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). It is the art of placing the right keywords across your conference copy. An excellent web copy with strategically placed keywords works wonders. Keep a note to stay updated with the algorithms of the search engine to be on the top.

Accelerate your Online Advertising 

The demand for paid advertising is increasing than ever. It makes your audience segmentation easy; you can segment your audiences based on the interests, demographics, age, etc. Unlike live conferences, you can utilize advertisements to know your desired audiences from across the world. 

Are you unable to cope with marketing your conferences? 

No worries, we got you sorted. We at eMedevents have a specialized marketing team that will help you cope with the registrations and build effective communication with your audiences. 

To know more, you can either Hop on to our website or email us at and quote a request. Hurry up and fill your registrations. 

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