How to Find Your Next Job at a Medical Conference
How to Find Your Next Job at a Medical Conference
March 2, 2018 by eMedEvents

A medical conference is an ideal place to learn about the newest medical research and advancements, earn CME credits, and network. But it also might be a great place to find your next job. There will be other healthcare professionals and experts from around the globe. Keep these things in mind and you may just find your next great job opportunity at the next medical conference you attend this year.

Before You Go

Research upcoming medical conferences on a site like eMedEvents. You can search by specialty, organizer, speaker, or location. Looking for a job in your area? Search for a local organizer. Ready to relocate? Search all over the globe! eMedEvents has medical conferences in 147 countries and over 3500 cities.

Research the speakers and potential employers who will be attending your upcoming conference. Follow social media sites to see who else will be there. Make a list of the people you would like to meet. Reach out to them on social media and set up a meeting during the conference. Connect with them on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Read their research and also learn if you have any common interests or connections. Prepare questions for them before you meet in person.


Practice your elevator pitch. This is simply a quick summary of who you are and what you do. Have this ready before you go and don’t forget to practice out loud. You never know when you will need it. Update your resume and bring it with you just in case a potential employer asks for it.

During the Conference

Keep your list of contacts with you at all times. When you make a new connection, be sure to make some notes. Write down key points you talked about so you will be ready to follow up later.

Be open and engaging with everyone. You never know where that next opportunity will come from. There will be so many chances to make connections- at your conference table, at the coffee bar, at the exhibition booths, etc. Be open, introduce yourself, and share your business card. Plan to take advantage of your nonconference time as well. Say yes to dinner or drinks with other professionals. Building a network is an invaluable part of the job search now and in the future.

Ask insightful questions during the medical conference. Stand tall, say your name, and pose a great question. This is the chance for your own 30-second commercial to everyone attending.

After the Conference

Be sure to follow up with the people you met. Connect with them on social media or directly. Remember the notes you took before and during the conference? Now is the time to use them. Remind them who you are and what you talked about. Keep the lines of communication open.

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