How To Boost Your Cognitive Health
How To Boost Your Cognitive Health
May 3, 2021 by eMedEvents

Cognitive health means an ability to think, learn and remember and this is an important feature of performing day-to-day activities. Many lifestyle interventions help in preventing cognitive decline and one among them is what we eat. Several studies show that little changes in your diet can improve cognitive health Moreover cognitive health is just one aspect of overall brain health.

Brain Health: Brain health means how well a person`s brain functions in several areas. There are different aspects of brain health which include: Cognitive Health, Motor function, Emotional function, and Tactile function. Changes in the brain, stroke or a traumatic brain injury, mood, depression, addiction, and diseases like Alzheimer's can affect brain health a long way. But many lifestyles are vital in making a difference when it comes to brain health.

Several studies recognize the following steps as vital for cognitive health and making these part of the routine can help in better functioning of a brain.

  1. Care for Personal Health:- Taking care of personal health may help in cognitive health. By doing so you can manage chronic health diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, etc. Mixing medicines with alcohol is dangerous so limiting consumption of alcohol can help in better brain functioning. Smoking lays an adverse effect on the human brain so for better function of the brain avoid or quit smoking and taking other nicotine products. Consulting a doctor about the medicines that you already take and getting advice about possible side effects on memory by the medicines can be fruitful. Moreover, sleep up to 6-8 hours each night will also play a vital part in maintaining brain health.

  2. Manage High Blood Pressure:- When you control or prevent high blood pressure, it not only helps your heart but your brain too. Observational studies have revealed that high blood pressure increases the risk of cognitive decline and may lead to dementia. Visit your doctor regularly and check your blood pressure even when you feel better as high blood pressure doesn`t have signs of illness that you can see or feel. Changes in your diet and doing some exercises can also be helpful in brain and heart protection.

  3. Healthy Diet: A healthy diet is instrumental in reducing the risk of several chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease and it keeps your brain quite healthy. Generally, a healthy diet consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, lean meat, fish, etc, and low-fat dairy products. Drinking enough water and other fluids is essential in keeping your body healthy.    

  4. Be Physically Active:- Regular exercises, household, and other activities have many brighter sides that help you in improving your strength, energy, balance, preventing or delaying heart diseases, diabetes, and other concerns. Studies have shown that exercise increases the size of brain structure which is important to memory and learning. If you aren’t active then check with your healthcare provider and start vigorous exercises to enhance your mental and physical standards.

  5. Social connections and Social activities:- Participating in social activities and community programs not only helps you in building connections but makes you feel less isolated and more engaged in society. These may also help in lowering some risk problems of your health and improve your well-being also. Many studies show that engagement in meaningful and productive activities helps people in maintaining well-being and improve their cognitive function. Now when restrictions are all around due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such activities can be full of risk and you can go for any online activity like making a video call to your friends, family, joining any virtual class or event instead of an in-person activity. 

eMedEvents comes up with several events and webcasts for healthcare professionals that will deliberate upon cognitive health and its several prospects. By signing up for the below events you will be in a position to have an in-depth understanding of cognitive health.  


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