How to Avoid Burnout for Medical Professionals
How to Avoid Burnout for Medical Professionals
May 2, 2018 by Dr. Ushasri Boda

At eMedEvents, we care about healthcare professionals’ mental and physical health. Besides attending CME medical events, we encourage professionals to attend wellness programs and utilize various self-assessment screening tools which are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Healthcare professionals are facing a staggering amount of stress and burnout due to the intensity of work and emotional strain. A recent survey stated that almost 50% of healthcare professionals have experienced anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, prescription drug or substance abuse, and other burnout symptoms.

Burnout hampers an individual’s work-life balance and triggers emotional exhaustion, depersonalization with patients, decreased decision making skills, and a paucity of concentration & motivation.

As a healthcare professional it is crucial to identify the triggers of burnout:

  • Self-criticism
  • Inability to cope with stress
  • Unable to manage workload
  • Lack of empathy towards patients
  • Constant physical & emotional exhaustion
  • Everything requires a lot effort
  • Feeling helpless, hopeless, incompetent, bored, and a failure

We recommend 7 simple steps to eliminate burnout:


Breathing exercises


Each day take few minutes out of your daily routine and try doing breathing exercises to relax your mind. There are several different techniques in breathing exercise and all of them promote calmness and relaxation. The best part of this exercise is that you can do it anywhere you like.

Attend any well-being programs

There are several courses that you can attend while at work or during many international CME conferences. These programs could involve web-based tools, counseling, and physical activity centers.

Sports/ Yoga/ Gym

Joining a gym, enrolling in dance classes or yoga sessions, or playing sports on a daily basis will significantly reduce various symptoms of burnout. Physical activity has been proven by numerous studies to reduce stress and improve mood as well as having several other health benefits.


Go explore new destinations, experience a new culture, try different kinds of cuisines- just get out of your routine once in a while. It will help you gain a new perspective on life and reenergize you. Make sure your holiday is for at least a week, it will help you regain your work-life balance.


Burnout impacts sleep patterns as well as quality of sleep and this can have grave consequences. A study has shown that 20% of car crashes happen due to sleep deprivation in the United States alone and The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) stated that ‘Pilot Fatigue’ contributes to 15-20% of human error in fatal accidents.
Healthcare professionals with sleep deprivation have an increased risk of being involved in medical errors, hospital-related injuries, and motor related accidents. They are also more prone to infections, compromised mental health, and this all impacts their personal lives.
A healthy adult needs a minimum of 6-10 hours of sleep each day. Missed sleep causes impaired judgment. Chronic sleep loss will contribute to cognitive decline, poor motor skills, lack of motivation, and mood swings. So, it is important to make it a priority to regularly get a full night’s rest.

Support Groups

There are several ‘burnout support groups’ to help you cope with stress and other burnout symptoms. These groups have online communities, weekly gatherings, and dedicated communities to support you. Remember to also reach out to your family and friends for support as well.

Shift Flexibility

Check with your employer to see if they can offer shift flexibility to you. This will give you the opportunity to improve your work-life balance as you spend quality time with your loved ones and doing other things that interest you. During your shift try to streamline your work to eliminate mundane tasks.

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