How the Coronavirus is Changing HCP Live's
How the Coronavirus is Changing HCP Live's
March 24, 2020 by eMedEvents

It’s no secret the coronavirus has changed everyone’s daily life routine. Most businesses are closed, and the few that are open, their employees are being asked to work from home. People are also finding different ways to keep in touch with one another, as public events and other large social gatherings are being banned. Probably the profession that’s been the affected the most, since this pandemic has spread across the globe, are the physicians. Physicians are being asked to work longer hours, with an extreme likelihood that they will catch the disease themselves, due to large amounts of exposure to sick people. This article wishes to bring to light, just how hard HCPs are working across the world, and to inform the readers, that physicians are the reason that many people are alive today.

Long hours and fatigue:

There is a picture circulating the internet, that has since gone viral, of an Italian nurse that was caught slumped over and asleep on her keyboard. The picture seems to summarize just how tired HCPs are during this difficult time. With a seemingly endless stream of patients, physicians are being asked to work double shifts and all-nighters to combat understaffing. The human brain can only function for so long, without rest before the body shut down. If this trend continues of over-working our HCPs, there will more than likely be a steep rise in the number of patient deaths, due the HCPs losing their ability to perform their job, in perfect condition.

Jeopardizing their safety:

It’s a simple formula, the more exposed you are to a disease, the more likely you are to contract it. It has been reported that two emergency room doctors, are said to be in critical condition in New Jersey and Washington state, with the coronavirus. The main problem is that many patients are rushed into the hospital/emergency room, with symptoms and no diagnoses. This makes it harder for physicians to properly prepare for preventive disease techniques/clothing measures for an individual patient. HCPs are also running low on their preventative equipment, due to demand around the world for masks, gloves, etc.

Staying away from family:

Imagine after finishing a hard day’s work, and not being allowed to go home and be with your loved ones. Unfortunately, that is the reality for many physicians around the world. One such well documented case, comes from Rachel Patzer, who’s husband is a physician in the emergency department, who is actively treating coronavirus patients. Rachel and her husband have even decided to self-quarantine from each other and are living in separate locations. In many countries, doctors are being asked to sleep on location, in case an emergency occurs.


HCPs are heroes and are putting their bodies on the front line to help cure their patients. All these physicians ask of us, is to do our part, with stopping the spread of this disease, by practicing social distancing, washing our hands regularly, cleaning contacted surfaces frequently, and wearing gloves. Remember we all have a role to play, in protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

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