How the Coronavirus has Affected Nurses, and how Nurses can Continue Their CME Education Through Our Platform
How the Coronavirus has Affected Nurses, and how Nurses can Continue Their CME Education Through Our Platform
December 22, 2020 by eMedEvents

Nurses in the United States are losing their jobs due to the pandemic
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic nursing staffs throughout the U.S. are in extreme shortages, at a time when medical professionals are needed most. American Healthcare companies are finding it difficult to produce revenue and are looking to reduce costs. Thousands of medical professionals have had to take pay cuts, and nurses are being asked to stay at home without pay. With over 18 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over 300,000 deaths in the country alone, the U.S. can seemingly not afford to lose any medical help, and the effects of letting go medical professionals could prove to be costly.

One major reason so many nurses are losing their jobs, is that throughout the nation, medical procedures that are not considered “lifesaving” are being halted, making it difficult for hospitals to generate revenue. Mary Dale Peterson, president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, had this to say about hospitals cutting non lifesaving surgeries “let us be clear, elective surgeries are the lifeblood of many hospitals, if not all hospitals. They account for 50 to 60% of profits for most”.  Healthcare managers say that due to the financial strain they are experiencing, they have had no choice but to layoff thousands of medical workers. “We have seen our revenue decline over 50%, just about overnight” said Claudio Fort, the CEO of a Vermont hospital, which has lost approximately $8 million a month.

While some hospitals have received help from the federal government, many claim it is simply not enough, and fear the potential for lasting damage, even after the coronavirus has been eradicated. With the U.S. economy taking major hits from the pandemic and with no end in sight for COVID-19, many nurses and other medical professionals do not see a return to work in the near future. Many nurses around the country have reportedly filed for unemployment, as a means of paying their bills. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 1.4 million healthcare workers lost their jobs in the month of April, which was the largest decline in jobs in the healthcare sector in over three decades.

In a tale of two cities, the trend is that hospitals in rural/low population areas, are making significant cost reductions actions, but hospitals in New York and New Jersey, are desperately trying to hire as many healthcare professionals as they need. The job market is certainly there in these two locations, as New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has asked for doctors and nurses to come to New York to help anyway they can. In some cases, because of the long hours and potential dangers they face, nurses in New York City are being offered as much as $6,000 a week.

How eMedEvents helps nurses continue their CME/CE education through a pandemic
During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more imperative now than it ever has been, for nurses to keep up with their continuing medical education. With new safety procedures/protocols, equipment, and advances in medication seemingly daily, nurses often find themselves needing to rely on a dependable CME/CE marketplace. Fortunately for all practicing HCPs eMedEvents has come to perfectly fulfill that niche in the Healthcare industry. Having served over a million Healthcare professionals, with over 300,000 monthly visits to our site, eMedEvents has become the most trusted online platform for nurses to seek CME/CE opportunities. Below will describe the top 3 reasons why nurses should use eMedEvents to accomplish all their CME/CE goals. 

Online CME options earn/track CME credits:
With the coronavirus still causing lockdowns around the world, eMedEvents realizes how essential it is to offer online CME options, for those who are unable to travel to their would-be conference location. Online CME provides many benefits as opposed to live conferences, such as cost efficiency and the convenience of earning your credits safely from the comfort of your home. Earn your CME credits by searching and attending a medical conference in your specific areas of interest. Easily track your CME credits by entering the number of credits you earned, at your earliest convenience once you have completed your course. In case a conference has not cancelled their live event, many Online CME conferences also offer a live streaming service as well, so you can still feel like you are attending the event in person.

Find your ideal medical conference:
eMedEvents allows you to perform a smart search to find a specific conference/course by specialty, location, and date, to allow you to find exactly what you are looking for and save time. You will also be able to register for medical conferences, while simultaneously book hotel reservations, transportation, and dining service. If you are not quite sure what conference you would like to attend, eMedEvents lets you browse through popular conferences, while providing crucial details of the conference, such as the cost to attend, and the number of credits the conference offers.

Networking with fellow nurses and other HCPs:
If connecting with fellow nurses and other HCPs is your main goal, then look no further as eMedEvent provides a convenient online forum to connect with your colleagues and enhance professional networking contacts. If there is a certain speaker/HCP you would like to get in contact with, eMedEvents allows you to search them by topic, coverage, name etc. If you yourself are one of the medical speakers, you can create your own medical speaker profile, in order to be discovered by other HCPs. These profiles give an insight to a person’s credentials, specialties, interested topics, contact information, upcoming conferences they plan on attending and past events attended.

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