How Digital Tools Can Assist HCPs During and After COVID-19
How Digital Tools Can Assist HCPs During and After COVID-19
May 21, 2020 by eMedEvents

COVID-19 is an alarming health concern gulping many lives. As it is vital to maintain social distancing, this pandemic has changed the direction of the patient interaction. With everyone utilizing online portals to interact, even a busy physician is adapting to digitalization. Healthcare professionals are using digital media as a catalyst to enhance patient outcomes. 

Digital field is swiftly growing with the emergence of new applications, softwares and services. While few of them are specifically used by the healthcare providers to present relentless treatment to their patients.

Here we tried to put together the Top5 digital tools for physicians 

1. Online Patient Portals 

Online portals provide the ease of access to the information, scheduling appointments, and prescription refilling. It allows a patient to exchange the required information with the doctor. Online portals are beneficials for both patients and the physicians. 

2. Telemedicine - Telemedicine is the most used by the physicians these days. Infact, WHO has recommended the use of telemedicine to ensure the continuity of the medical services. It renders the ability to conduct patient visits with the secure audio and video. Telemedicine provides the flexibility to practice online-only-care.

3. Secure Text Messaging - It is the medium of interaction with a patient through text messages. You can send appointment reminders, visit instructions and any other updates through a message. 

4. Online provider communities - These will help you keep up with the trends, learn new techniques, and gain insights on the cases through your peers from the community. There are even specialty based communities that will help you discuss the medical cases of your field. 

5. Mobile clinical Decision support services - These depict the best clinical decisions. It provides information on the drug interactions and the alternative medicines. 

Despite continuous efforts to treat COVID-19, there are some deadly diseases such as cancer that demand doctors' attention. Considering this, health stakeholders are composing the guidelines to fulfill the patient's comorbidities. It is a very crucial moment for the physicians to stay aware of the emerging updates. 

As per the research by Bain and company, physicians have approached the digital tools even before the outbreak. But now it has made them speed up the use of digitalization into their practice.

Apart from consuming the news, physicians can also attend the online conferences which are available in the form of Webcast, webinars, or podcasts. Choose a format of your choice and keep up with the updates. 

A medical Organizer needs to stay engaged with the HCPs. Provide some real-time insights drafting the value of digital tools through newsletters. 

Physicians are proficient with digital tools for professional purposes. COVID-19 has made them picture-ready to adapt to the digitalization for upcoming years. 

You can utilize any of the tools according to your convenience. Digital is a part of the transformation of the post-COVID-19 world. Let's adopt the changes and make the world a better place to live. 

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