Games for Medical Professionals
Games for Medical Professionals
September 26, 2018 by Dr. Ushasri Boda

According to various studies, medical games designed for medical professionals have been proven to enhance the player’s knowledge, surgical skills, as well as diagnosing skills. These studies also show that surgeons who played video games tend to make fewer errors, perform surgeries faster, and have the ability to resolve tedious and tricky surgeries with ease.

At eMedEvents, we have compiled the top medical-centric games to help physicians, nurses, medical students, and other medical professionals.


The top 3 medical games are:

Mosby's RNtertainment: This board game is a unique way to study and learn fast! This game is all about NCLEX topics. It has been credited as an amazing tool for nurses to learn various examination topics for their NCLEX exams. It is considered one of the best preparation strategies and helps cover NCLEX test plans in a safe and effective environment, covering topics such as health promotion and maintenance, psychological integrity, and physiological integrity.

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis: This game has been shown to improve physicians, nurses, and medical students ability to diagnose and treat their patients immediately. The case studies are based on actual clinical experiences of more than 200 physicians across 30 specialties. It also provides facts related to diseases and associated medical conditions.

Night Shift: This game, designed by Schell Games company, helps reduce diagnostic errors by doctors, nurses, and medical students in an emergency department. The goal of the game is to challenge the thinking of an emergency room doctor dealing with trauma patients. The game has been highly recommended by doctors.

In addition to these games mentioned, several other games are available on the market to help medical professionals improve their skills as well as learn new concepts.

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