Future Of Medical Conferences
Future Of Medical Conferences
June 9, 2020 by eMedEvents

With the emergence of the booming pandemic, every organizer has paved a path towards shifting their conference online. And the one question that is on everyone's mind is, "Are the medical conferences hosted on the internet forever?"

Well, the conference are always available online, COVID-19 has just given a reminder that Online conferences are still accessible irrespective of the consequences. 

This pandemic is preparing everyone to be stronger to yield a solution in the time of adversities. It is just a transition from one phase to the other. When this is all over, you can bounce back to the regular stage of life with sufficient safety measures. Vice versa, conferences are going to be held as live conferences when the pandemic's fear is on the ebb. At the same time, it is also feasible for you to choose online lectures when you can't make it to attend a live conference. 

The other question that is continually popping-up is, "what is the future of Medical events"?

Medical conferences play an essential role in connecting the doctors with the crucial advancements, and expanding the knowledge, acting as a gateway to adapt novel treatment techniques. It allows them to network and collaborate with the professionals to exchange valuable insights. 

Most of the medical professionals seek easily accessible information. As mobiles and the internet are handy these days, doctors are becoming digitally native. Most of the HCPs preferably use smartphones to present patient care employing digital tools such as Telemedicine

According to a survey done by a lifescience media, by the end of 2020, 70% of healthcare professionals will be digitally native. The study also states that 40% of the HCPCs spend most of their time online for quick access to the information belonging to their specialty. Most of the data is gained by attending medical conferences and approaching the CME (continuing medical education). The whole analysis clearly states the importance of online lectures. In the current state, online CME Conferences are critical resources for healthcare professionals to gain most of the information and produce any further queries on clinical requirements. 

Comparatively, 57% of the HCPs envisioned to attend in-person conferences. Medical organizers began to present complimentary online discussions and the live conference considering the health and well-being of the attendees. Now, it is the choice of an HCP to choose a desired medical conference. 

Digital engagement is on the rise. As earlier said, medical organizers are employing the hybrid models, i.e., a combination of in-person and online conferences, to build high-end engagement across all the digital channels. 

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