Email marketing for Medical Conferences Organizers
Email marketing for Medical Conferences Organizers
April 25, 2018 by eMedEvents

Did you know that 205 billion emails are sent every day and 59.56 percent of the mail is spam? A whopping 12.08 % of unsolicited spam emails are received in America alone, with healthcare and dating sites contributing the highest amount of junk mail.

As a CME medical conferences organizer, the highest conversion rate comes from email marketing campaign. However, some of the international CME conference organizers are still experiencing a dip in highest open-rates and click-through rates (CTR). The basic criteria for any email campaign are to make it eye-catchy, witty, personalized, filled with intriguing graphics or images, and viewing compatibility with both mobile & desktop screens.

Apart from the above points, as a medical conference organizer you might want to consider these 5 crucial points for your next email campaign.

Email List

To efficiently market your CME events, tap into your database to access all the clients’ email addresses. You can add even more clients email lists to your databank by 3 methods - creating a pop-up ad that asks visitors to give their email address on your website, purchasing an email list from a third party, and using lead magnets or opt-in bribe. Lead magnets or opt-in bribe are nothing more than offering free stuff in exchange for the user’s email address, such as accesses to premium content after subscription only.

Email list sub-division for personalized marketing:

No matter how large your database is, if your clients are still getting unwanted information, it might trigger them to unsubscribe. However, categorizing your database according to specialties will promote more personalized emails with autoresponders. For example, new subscribers should receive a welcome email, while inactive members will receive a reminder email to check out what’s new with your organization.

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Email open rates:

This is a very crucial step for every CME medical event organizer, which is comprised of the following 4 other points that needs to be implemented:

Email sent time and Date Remove inactive users
Avoid spam filters Email viewing compatible with mobile and tablets

Engaging email content:

The Subject line is cardinal in email marketing. Based on this line alone, the user will open the email or immediately mark it spam. A successful email subject lines length is 61-70 characters for desktop users and 4-7 words for mobile users. This can include catchy phrases or numbers. The word ‘Alert’ and ‘Question’ have higher open rate. The style of writing has to be friendly while adding valuable content.

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Auto responses for email:

These help you capitalize on leads and turn them into potential clients by sending welcome messages, funneling down your sales strategy, and lead magnets. You can manage how many emails a client should receive and at what intervals. One can also use this to cross-sell and up-sell products.

At eMedEvents, we customize each email template to cater our client’s needs and provide in-depth report on email interaction, social media growth, and much more. For further information contact us at

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