Effective ways to communicate with your audience during COVID-19
Effective ways to communicate with your audience during COVID-19
May 2, 2020 by eMedEvents

Do not leave your audiences uncertain; it is crucial than ever to communicate with them. Be honest and consistent while interacting with your attendees. Lack of communication may make your prospects less likely to support you in the time of crisis. Try being proactive in this quarantine, which builds loyalty and trustworthiness of the organization. 

Here's how you can do it,

Build a contact desk-

Create a contact desk such as a monitored email or chatbox on your website, where your attendees can send their queries.

Before rescheduling/postponing, make sure to discuss it with the legal advisory board for the betterment of the organization and the community. Keep them updated and clear about your decisions to push away the uncertainties. 

Manage and monitor -

Set up a team of experts to manage these communications. Providing a gist of responsibility, Let your team focus on what precisely to be presented. It also assures the attendees that you are active and responsible. 

Create an FAQ section on your website -

Extract average of five to ten frequently asked questions by your attendees through your chat desk. 

Create an FAQ section along with the answers, such as

- Are you canceling/rescheduling the conferences?

- What is the status of the registrations?

- Will i get the refund?

- Will i be able to cancel the priorly booked hotels?

- Who do i contact for more information?

FAQs will minimize the gushing of emails and calls from your attendees. 

Embrace new opportunities and remember to stay in touch with your partners-

The best ones are those who are willing to try out new things. To satiate with the attendee engagement, you can go virtual, try new partnerships, or if you find someone struggling to host their conference, send an invite to host their conference through you. 

Also, remember to stay in touch with the previous partners and make the communication clear on the present pandemic scenarios. Know what they want to accomplish. Revise the packages or maybe set new options to culminate their doubts

Be optimistic and Hopeful-

Use an upbeat tone while conveying your message. Embrace the change and answer with the bold solutions. Create an unforgettable experience throughout this pandemic.

Make sure to reach out to both the potential audiences and the registrants. Build integrated communication through social media and emails. 

To all the conference creators, eMedEvents will always be on your back, supporting you. Join the group of organizers and pave a path to build your online community.

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