During the Coronavirus Pandemic Event Organizers and Physicians are Realizing the Importance of Virtual Events
During the Coronavirus Pandemic Event Organizers and Physicians are Realizing the Importance of Virtual Events
January 8, 2021 by eMedEvents

Virtual conferences have become the go to source for organization meetings, ever since the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions have caused most events and large gatherings to be cancelled or postponed. Organizers have had to adjust and come up with an alternative to bring their company and clients together. Fortunately, event organizers in the medical field have been pleased with their online experience and even claim there are marketing and revenue upsides to virtual events. In fact, these same medical companies are looking to expand their capabilities and differentiate their own digital footprint. This article aims to give a quick overview of the benefits video conferences are having, not just in the medical profession, but through all types of businesses.

The benefits:
Many event organizers that had their planned conferences cancelled merely weeks before the event was going to be held, were still able follow through with their agenda and hosted an online videoconference event. This is because virtual events require far less planning and maintenance, as opposed to live events. Virtual events can also provide medical organizations more engagement measurement. During live conferences it is impossible to know who exactly is paying attention, someone could be checking their email, reading the news, texting, in virtual events some platforms have the capability of telling you when a participant changes applications, or if an attendee is simply not on the same screen/page as you. Without the stress of traveling and other expenses many companies report seeing their online conference doubling in attendance rate, compared to their previous live event. Not only has attendance gone up, but attendees were recorded to participate in multiple sessions, instead of being constrained to one session, when attending the conference in person.

Rob Tomlin, VP on Channels, at UK & Ireland at Dell Technology, is one example of a high ranking company official, who has since become a fan of online conferences/events saying “when sharing more thought leadership content to a broad audience, we’re finding that ‘snackable’, multi sessions events are a great way to combine keynotes, panel discussions and virtual expos. In addition, using virtual platform tools that combine recorded and live videos with real-time chat ensures sessions are engaging”.

Just like all other businesses the medical profession is embracing the use of online CME through virtual conferences or streaming live events. Governments may have to keep the physical restrictions in place for months to come, meaning virtual meetings are here to stay. Medical students, practicing physicians and event organizers can rest assured that digital events are starting to evolve, and are now becoming many organization’s primary focus point on improving.

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