Disney CME 2021- Top 5 Primary Care Conferences To Attend
Disney CME 2021- Top 5 Primary Care Conferences To Attend
February 8, 2021 by eMedEvents

Disneyland - A fantasy world. 

How about medical conferences hosted in Disney world? Would you attend?

It's a big YES, right. You can fulfill your CME requirements as you have unlimited fun. 

Disneyland is at the top of everyone's bucket list. Then COVID happened, all the plans got shattered. 

With the vaccine news showing so much promise and the safety precautions in hand, Medical organizers see a light of hope, intending to move forward with their in-person conferences. 

As the restrictions have waived and borders are open, traveling is made possible. 

Disneyland has imposed safety measures by considering the Florida State restrictions, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention guidelines. Increased cleaning and sanitizing across the parks and resorts has been a top priority to retain safety. 

A soaring enthusiasm arises when you get to hear about "Disney." It is a once in a lifetime dream for many. Continuing Medical Education Events at Disney drives 2X audience interest. 

 Prioritizing the safety and health of their visitors, Here are the COVID-19 precautionary methods that Disney land follows, 

- To avoid the mass gatherings at the queue counters, all the visitors must make advanced ticket purchases. 

- Physical distancing barriers are installed in the dining areas and ques. 

 - Temperature checking portals are installed near the entry gates.

- Disneyland has also increased the hand sanitizing locations throughout the location.

- Experienced Nursing staff are appointed to handle emergencies and reported symptoms of illnesses. 

Disney has launched its mobile applications My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps. Which helps the travelers understand the waiting times, check tickets, and dinner reservations. 

Follow the Disney precautionary guide to have a clear understanding of the policies implemented. 

CMEs at Disney: Have unlimited fun while you get your CMEs. 

Here we compiled the list of medical conferences to attend in Disney land in 2021, 

Top 5 Primary Care Conferences To Attend In The Disney World

1. Primary Care CME ( Feb13-16, 2021)

Cross Medicine Reviews hosts a medical conference on Primary Care CME. The session the physicians to stay on the current guidelines, approaches, and recommendations on primary care. The session depicts a diverse range of primary care topics. This Walt Disney world CME course grants a minimum of 11 credits. 

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CME Conferences hosted by Medical Education Resource in Disney Land



2. Cardiology Pulmonology for Primary Care (April 23-25, 2021)

This CME course is devised for the Office-based primary care providers. This Medical CME equips physicians with the newest diagnostic procedures and treatment strategies to treat the commonly found ailments. This Disney CME awards a minimum of 12 Credit Hours. 

Register here

3. Internal Medicine for Primary Care: ENT/Geri/Neuro/Ortho (March 14-18, 2021)

The keynote speakers in this medical congress, exhibit a deep understanding of the diagnostic methods and the treatment options available in ENT, Geriatrics, Neurology, and Orthopedics. Participate in the session entirely and earn a minimum of 20 credits. 

Note - If you are unable to attend this Disney CME in-person, you can virtually participate in the session. 

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4. Internal Medicine for Primary Care: Derm/Gyn/Pulm (Nov5-7, 2021)

The organization hosts a medical CME on the Internal Medicine for Primary Care: Derm/Gyn/Pulm. This course has been certified with a maximum of 12 credit hours. 

Note - If you cannot attend this Disney CME in-person, you can virtually participate in the session. 

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5. Internal Medicine for Primary Care: Addiction/Derm/Gyn/Pulm (DEc26-30,2021)

Medical Education Resource devices a medical congress on Internal Medicine for Primary Care: Addiction/Derm/Gyn/Pulm. This Disney CME grants a minimum of 20 credit hours. 

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Disney land is instilled with a wide range of accommodations, and resorts. As mentioned earlier, you can check the availability and reserve a place through their mobile applications. Or You may also check our travel booking portal to books your flights and hotels as and when you register for a Medical CME. 


Post Conference, make way to explore Disney land. 

Fun Things To Do In Disney Land

1. Expedition Everest - Legends of the Forbidden mountain 


Expedition Everest is the best coaster of the Disney land. The expedition is a 199 feet Everest with a flashing red light up top. This Everest has a game, where you will meet a feti who isn't fond of intruders. Find out what happens when the feti meets an intruder. 

2. Star Wars at Hollywood Studios

If you are a fan of Marvel, you must visit this star wars world at Disney. Traverse around and see the costumes, props used in the movie. It also features the Star Tours: The Adventures to continue. Mount towards a StarSpeeder for a routine voyage through the galaxy; then, you and C-3PO, your pilot, have to unexpectedly deliver a rebel spy to safety by visiting locations like Hoth, Jakku, and Tatooine.

3. Mission Space

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut and then took a turn and got settled for something else? Well, it happens. But you can get the whole astronaut experience at mission space. Witness the realistic space launches and the universe. 

4. Pirates of the Caribbean 

This is an indoor cruise that entirely entails the scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Pirates of the Caribbean is an animatronic figure to the of Capt. Jack Sparrow. Enjoy the games and know the story behind the pirates of the Caribbean. 

5. Mickey's Philhar Magic

This place is a blend of Disney's favorite characters. The fantasyland in the kingdom presents a 3D adventure show of Donald Chasing Mickey's sorcerer's hat. Experience your favorite Disney characters along the way.

Attend the Disney CMEs and stay accredited as you have loads of fun at the Walt Disney World.   


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