Coronavirus Myths
Coronavirus Myths
April 14, 2020 by eMedEvents

The national pandemic, known as the coronavirus (COVID-19), has spread to every continent in the world, except for Antarctica. The coronavirus has 1.9 million confirmed cases and over 123,000 deaths worldwide, with these staggering numbers comes a lot of panic and confusion among the top news gatekeepers. As with any international news headline that is dominating the topics of conversation, misinformation has been spread through social media posts, blogs and internet sites. This article will detail which reported pieces of information are false.

  1. Considered a respiratory illness, that only effects the lungs:

While COVID-19 is considered a respiratory illness, it can damage other parts of the body aside from the lungs as well. Researchers and HCPs are starting to notice COVID-19, can cause heart damage. It has been so common in fact, that nearly 20% of coronavirus patients are experiencing heart failure, even if the patient has never suffered from any preexisting heart conditions.

  1. All facemasks protect against the coronavirus:

This is false, as only cloth facemasks have been recommended by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to protect the general public. Disposable masks are unlikely to provide much protection and cannot block against tiny particles, or droplets. Some masks, such as surgical masks and N95 respiratory masks, offer the greatest amount of protection, but are usually saved for HCPs.

  1. Older adults are the only ones at risk:

While older adults are among the groups of people, who are most likely to become seriously ill and have one of the highest fatality rates, they are not the only ones susceptible to the disease. Everyone of any age can die from the coronavirus, especially children with health conditions, such as asthma and diabetes, as they seem to be particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Fortunately, children without health conditions seem to be the group of people who suffer the least severe symptoms.

  1. COVID-19 has a high fatality percentage:

It’s true, over 123,000 people have died as a result of the coronavirus, but if you look at the total cases of coronavirus (1.9 million), very few people end up dying as a result of this disease. Reports from The WHO confirmed that 80% have only reported mild symptoms, and will not require further medical evaluation, once they test negative for the coronavirus.

  1. The Virus can only spread in warmer temperatures:

Researchers still do not know exactly how temperatures will affect the spread of COVID-19. Areas with warmer temperatures, such as S. Florida have still been able to easily spread the contagion. This false piece of information comes from people assuming that COVID-19 is very similar to the flu and common cold, because they share a lot of the same symptoms. Both the flu and common cold, are known to spread more easily, when in colder climates.

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