CME Marketing For 2020 - 6 Linkedin Groups to Target
CME Marketing For 2020 - 6 Linkedin Groups to Target
January 7, 2020 by Kenechi Chiemelu

For CME organizers, it can seem tedious to search the vastness of the Internet to recruit for your target audience. Although there are obvious benefits to digitally marketing your conference, you may be unsure of how to use social media to its fullest potential.

On that note, if you are lacking marketing experience, then the process may seem even more daunting... but this article will explain the procedure for endorsing your CME conferences for the new year. LinkedIn - a popular platform designed for professional networking - will allow you, the CME organizer, to locate and contact your target audience: doctors, researchers, and medical students.

Obviously, commit to scouting out candidates or groups with similarly aligned interests. Susie may find the activity of your organization interesting but that doesn’t mean her focus on ‘kayaking’ has anything to do with medicine… in this case, anyway. After you’ve established a comprehensive list of your target audience, carefully review why you’ve selected them. You’ll want to spend your time narrowing down strong prospects; the closer you are in similarity, the more likely they’ll find your services worthwhile. For instance, 'Dr. X' might be interested in your event, but if his specialty is of a different sort, then he’ll have less of an inclination to attend it.

When you think you’re ready, send out a connection request to potential attendees and keep them updated with your event details. Don’t fret if someone rejects your request, there’s no shortage to the number of people you can connect with. As of June 2019, there are over 630 million active users on LinkedIn in 200 countries. It’s a veritable ocean of people willing to hear your offer. 

On that matter, quality outweighs quantity though, so neglecting your profile can adversely affect an individual’s choice to connect with you. It’s important to create a memorable online presence, one willing to convince others of your experience and dedication as an organizer. If your present methods seem unsuccessful, try building a stronger profile, especially one that includes all the details about your current CME program and other events you’ve hosted.


Listed below are a few groups rooted in LinkedIn that someone interested in CME should contact for the most ROI:

1. Healthcare Industry Professional Group

HPG has over 90,000 healthcare professionals from all around the globe. It covers topics on HIPAA compliance, healthcare recruitment, biotechnology and medical devices, pharmaceuticals, accountable organizations, mobile healthcare, hospital administration, and all other healthcare-related topics. Their interconnected healthcare recruitment teams have an incredible platform for accessing a wide range of candidates in the community. Sending your CME information to HPG will increase your conference’s visibility. 

2. Alliance For Continuing Medical Education

The Alliance is a community of continuing professional development colleagues intent on sharing what they’ve learned throughout the healthcare professions. Their vision is focused entirely on advancing continuing education so you’ll find more than a few willing to attend your program.

3. Modern Healthcare

Modern Healthcare is the industry’s leading source of healthcare business and policy news, research, and information. Through their news reports, they offer in-depth analysis and look into what’s happening globally so readers know of the trends in the healthcare industry. On that note, reaching out to them would be a great opportunity for their editorial team to increase the visibility of your conference.


MAACME is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting quality CME in the Mid-Atlantic region. MAACME occasionally works with other groups and organizations in the neighboring regions to support other educators providing continuing medical education.

5. Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)

ACCME is a nonprofit organization that accredits organizations offering continuing medical education. Because of their work, there is a framework of educators set on assisting groups providing CME for healthcare professionals. Their vision is a world where educators and clinicians can work together to bring the most beneficial healthcare to all. 


HIMSS is a non-profit organization interested in information and technology in the health industry. Its focus is on the optimal use of health IT for better healthcare management worldwide. Constructive discussions take place regarding the optimal use of Health IT for better healthcare management worldwide.

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